DAY 068: I’ve watched many leave

October 28, 2008 | Tuesday

IT’S AFTERNOON AND thew sack meals are being passed out. There are 84 cells on this cell block and the officers (two are always together) are coming through with a steel bar that they use to open a slot on the door. This is how the sack meals are passed through the door and how we are handcuffed to be escorted wherever we go. I’ve said we are handcuffed always? we are.

Nenno Nenno was escorted to the shower stall. He already know that he will not return tonight. He told me as much this morning. I’ve thought about how witnessing this time and again could probably dull someone to the actual horror of passing the last days. Until those passing days are upon him, that is. I say this because before I was placed on Death Watch, I was housed in a cell whose back window overlooked the courtyard where the escort van to the Walls Unit (the execution chamber) is parked. I’ve watched many leave. I have said before that I do not know what will possibly think during those last days. I am headstrong, though. It seemed that Nenno was at peace as he walked away.


3 Responses to “DAY 068: I’ve watched many leave”

  1. jess Says:

    Dear Roy,
    I’ve only just started reading your blog bout life on death watch, as for i am in australia and was searching through the news on the net and saw the bit about you.
    I don’t know how you have stayed head strong all these many years since you were 18, i never would of been able to.
    Just remember to keep on being head strong and that god is watching over you and will be there til the end and after time with you.


  2. Georgia Frey Says:

    Hi Roy,

    Like Jess I am also from Australia. A country that on paper does not believe in the death penalty yet cheers when the bali bombers were resently executed???
    The bigest weapon we have is the power of positive words and actions and I hope you understand that your words have been heard across the globe. You have touched my heart and I am extremely grateful for this.
    With hope,

  3. Françoise Says:

    In my exotic garden, a candle is burning, dear Roy, in loving memory of your friend Nenno Nenno and of all the other already gone. Actually, it isn’t so much an exotic garden, it is just a corner in my apartment which I reserved to houseplants, near a picture window. Your Chabela loves it! I am calling it “my jungle” because, on a small, low, furniture, I have put three small statues (hardly 20cm high), two men and a woman, so cute, half-lost in an exuberant Asiatic houseplant.
    On that furniture, I also put one of those lamps, the one so-called “Touch”. It has no switch. You only have to touch the base to switch it up (3 lighting intensity). On the evening, before going to bed, I switch it off and in the morning, when I come in the lounge … it is always lighted, on the lower intensity. It’s a very soft lighting. I have always wondered what might happen during the night between these three little persons. They must have their own nightlife and doing some special saraband because, during the day, it never happens anything. “Inanimate objects, do you have a soul”?
    With a strong hug, Fanfoulon

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