Day 008: Where toothless tigers sigh

August 29, 2008 | Friday

AGAIN, RUBBING clothes between my bare knuckles. Washing clothes and sheets by hand has to be my least favorite thing to do, but necessary. What I would do for a washing machine.

No tours have come through, so guess the circus has closed for the week. Somebody was telling me that we are supposed to be the most vicious criminals, and that’s why they bring tours through. I bet the “tourists” laugh at how toothless we are on Death Row, or they must definitely snicker about those who are employed here. This place is a circus where handlers roar and toothless tigers sigh.

Maverick has turned in his “Execution Summary” containing all the “end information” concerning himself, and today will be allowed to spend $150 on food items and such from his prison unit’s store.


2 Responses to “Day 008: Where toothless tigers sigh”

  1. Françoise Casanova Says:

    “Washing and tourism”
    May be the secret would be to live second by second, minute by minute, give our attention to every of our movements, washing occupation or other, and take the best profit we can from each moment? I’m sure it’s what you are already doing.
    And, travelling quite a lot with Luigi, I noticed that sometimes, when the tourists come back home, they may change their mind and way of thinking and reconsider the opinion they could have on a subject? Who knows? We have to hope, always, in men, friends and ourselves.
    Love, Françoise

  2. Catherine Gragg Says:

    Water and light –two very precious elements of life.

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