DAY 100: So glad it’s over

November 29, 2008

IRON DOORS ARE loudly slammed shut. The hallway speaker cracks, advising those who will have visitors tonight and men shouting to hold a conversation. Another day on Death Row. There is a rumor going around that Robert Fratta, who was recently on Texas’ Death Row, has been released after his case was reversed and also that Charles Hood has received a new trial, based on the judge and state prosecutor’s having an affair when they convicted him. I have caught bits of conversation about these cases. You can imagine how that would be a topic of interest here. I know it has caught my interest.

The person I have been looking forward to has only now come on the cellblock: the barber. Yeah, it’s coming off. The moustache and beard thing has become annoying! I cannot drink without getting it soaked. I cannot eat without chewing on my moustache and I’ve become a stranger to my own nieces! I give up.

I’m back. That was painless. 🙂 I have been told I look totally different. You are right, Carmen. A beard does hide the face. So glad it’s over. I will never, ever, grow another beard like that. I looked as if I had stumbled out of the Neanderthal days!


10 Responses to “DAY 100: So glad it’s over”

  1. Art Taylor Says:

    Hello Roy
    As I was preparing to go to church this Sunday morning I was reading your journal and I thought how much you remind me of the Apostle Paul and as he spoke in Philippians 4:4-7. Paul was chained to a Roman guard as you are chained to a cell, and Paul was sentenced to death by Rome and as you by Texas. But both of you never gave up hope and remained strong in the faith that God is in control. As you worry both of you seem to turn your worry’s into prayer. You know that you have victory over death through faith in Christ Jesus. So be at peace brother and let peace rule your heart because God is in control. Stay strong Roy we all are pulling for you.

  2. Rhianon Says:

    Roy, letters are on their way to you, they are slow but they are on their way!!!!!!!! Sending you all of my love, love you more, your Rhianon. xx

  3. corina Says:

    Hello Rogelio,
    I will definately start volunteering.
    I bet it feels better to have your face clean. I hope you are doing well.
    Keep your head up. Keep the faith. Corina

  4. Françoise Says:

    Hellooooo, dear Roy,
    Well come back to the beardless people’s world. As usually, You decided: you made a choice, followed it through and let it down after having studied all advantages.. and disadvantages! How is your skin, now ? I am sure it must be white and delicate. Take care!
    I’m back, too. Letters are on the way.
    Those news you are giving us about your two inmates are very interesting and encouraging. Another proof that we should never give up. Hope is still there, very strong in our hearts.
    Con un caro e forte abbraccio, prayers and thoughts.

  5. Kat Briggs Says:

    Hi Roy!
    I just wanted to let you know that those of us from us havent stopped reading your journals and i check every day for new ones… keep your faith and your good spirits and of course.. your humour…
    Love from Down Under 😀

  6. Renee Says:

    Hi Roy,
    Just wanted to write a quick note to let you know that there is alot of people here for you…..Keep positive and my thoughts are with you and never give up. After reading all your posts I can tell that you are a wonderful man with a beautiful heart
    Lots of Love always Renee xoxoxoxox

  7. Rhianon Says:

    Roy, not sure if you have got my letters yet???????? Thinking about you all of the time and missing you so much. Love you loads and loads, your Rhianon. xx

  8. Kat Briggs Says:

    Juan, when do you think we can expect to hear from Roy? Starting to get nervous as havent heard anything in ages…. Is all going okay?

  9. Kiki Says:

    Dear Rogelio
    I for one am glad you got a clean face again. Didn’t read about the comment of hiding your face but that’s exactly what I used to tell relatives and friends who insisted on having beards: What have you got to hide?! I can’t say that any more because one of my bros-in-law is bearded and I do believe he hides nothing… 😉
    I also understood that there will – at least for the time being – no further letters from you. I understand that very well although we got so used of having ‘our share’ of your life that we will be truly missing that bit of shared knowledge, BUT…. you must now concentrate on your paralegal course and you will want to know everything on how to never, ever get into a muddle with law. You will want to meet those people you can HELP now that you know so much from the ‘inside of prison’….
    You are a brave and strong human being. You learned a huge lesson; let in the future others learn from you and your experiences!
    I for one am thankful to have ‘met’ you, Rogelio!!! You have also, in some ways, changed my life.
    Love always and God be with you on your ways

    PS: It would be welcomed to hear from Juan if you come back to publish more of your thoughts and feelings! Thanks to all those who have carried that heavy load and who have shared their love, convictions, means of help and thoughts with you and your friends. THEY all still need our thoughts.

  10. Fiona Says:

    are there any more entries after this date?

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