DAY 087: I pray that God looks favorably on my appeal


November 17, 2008 | Sunday

BREAKFAST HAS just rolled in. I have hardly been able to sleep. Last night’s visit was a last. My youngest niece was taught to say, “Love you, Tio Roy.” Hanging out with my family was great. I ate enough for us all too! 🙂

 The visit is not what has me restless, though. The execution date has been heavy on my mind. I just hope for good news. Tomorrow, a court hearing is scheduled to consider a stay because of evidence that clearly establishes flaws in the initial convictions, which put me in prison to begin with. My attorney (Richard Ellis) and investigator (Tina Church) are optimistic about the outcome. That would mean a stay of execution for me. I pray that God looks favorably on my appeal.

Well, breakfast was nothing to write home about. Pancakes, again. I still have something to look forward to. My family will show up to visit tomorrow and also my longest standing friends! I hope the visits go as well as last night. We have to remain positive.

The Dallas Cowboys play against the Washington Redskins tonight. It is always a good game when these two rivals play against each other. I won’t be able to listen but will get shouted updates! 🙂

I should get to my weekly chores and I’m still undecided about writing “last” type letters. I have avoided doing this. However, I just don’t know how things will go. Aside from this journal, I will write no more letters unless I get a stay.

Late entry: The Cowboys won! Yee-haw!! How ‘bout them Cowboys!



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