DAY 049: My gusto is gone

October 9, 2008 | Thursday

THIS IS A LATE-NIGHT entry. I got out today and that was good. I spoke to Stein and Alvin, so that was better. I was allowed into the recreation cage where others from Death Watch are housed. The areas is slightly different than the recreation area on this section, but basically just a cage where we are able to walk around. Alvin wanted to tell me about the volunteer ministers who are coming through on Death Watch. Now that he has an execution date, they come often. Some, he had seen before on the regular cellblocks. I told him that he should pray for them, as he does for me. Alvin,

It was good to get out, stretch out and walk around. I thought about exercising. However, it is just not the same. My gusto is gone. I do not feel up to it these days. I’ll pick it up if I get a stay. I’ll do it then.


5 Responses to “DAY 049: My gusto is gone”

  1. corina Says:

    Keep exercising, it can help keep your spirits up. Don’t loose faith.
    I have asked several friends to pray for you and have told others your story. I hope this helps get the word out about how wrong the death penalty is. I also hope it increases your messages with the Lord Jesus Christ.
    OH man I have to tell you, I totally threw down, academically or really just talking, in our class on Friday. Its a class I really dislike but I have to take in order to keep my job. Anyways I totally surprised our prof by throwing out some theory. We never talk about theory in that class, which is what I usually do in other classes. I made this one girl totally look confused when I was talking. It was awesome!!
    You helped me keep going to that class and to keep positive. Thank you.

  2. Corrine Says:

    Keep going Rogelio. Your diary has inspired many and because of this more people are aware of what actually goes on and how bad the system really is. The more people I can speak to about the wrongs of it all, the more hope we have of finally abolishing this barbaric, unfair, unconstitutional practice. Never lose hope. No matter what happens in my life I know that it will never be as bad as I think it is and thats because of your writings..Never lose hope and don’t ever give up – I won’t.

  3. Art Taylor Says:

    Hello Roy
    I pray that you pick up your feet and carry on Roy you are doing very positive things and I believe our prayers will help you. God is on your side brother stay strong.

  4. Françoise Says:

    Hello, Rogelio,
    I like this word, “gusto”, new for me, like many other I am discovering in your daily messages. The more you write, the more I learn. Thanks to you.
    As I have a very passionate private relation with food (I love to eat good things), I thought you were speaking of the *gusto” italiano (taste) and I was preoccupied that you loosed your appetite!
    But enthusiasm is also so important. Do continue to put passion and much “gusto” in the occupations you like and can afford : reading, writing, speaking, listening (!), stretching, … washing and cleaning. Sorry, I can’t help joking with you.
    I am now going to pick another entry from the one I did not yet read.
    Supporting you, praying for you and thinking affectionately of you,

  5. Art Taylor Says:

    Hello Roy
    You know Roy, God sets us all out on that narrow broken road of life and we make many turns off that narrow road onto the wide road to hell. But as we get lost on that wide road that leads to our destruction. God is always there to guide us back to His narrow broken road. As we dream and strengthen our love for Him He always welcomes us back into His loving arms. God has blest that broken road that leads us straight back to Him. Yes Roy we all have walked that broken road that leads us back to the cross, where the blood of Christ was shed. The blood that cleanses and purifies us so that we that have strayed from that narrow road can stand sinless before the Father. God has truly blest that narrow road that will take you Roy and all of us back to Him.
    God Bless That Narrow Road. Stay strong my friend and I pray for you every day.

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