DAY 063: They put Bobby in the shower; today is Bobby’s execution date

October 23, 2008 | Thursday

I SEEM TO BE waking early now. The officers came around counting an hour and so it must be 7 o’clock. They put Bobby in the shower. Today is Bobby’s execution date and it is why he is being allowed to shower. Just as Alvin, Stein and Joey were allowed. We are still  on lock-down status. Some dog-face officer has put a clamp on several men’s stamps and envelopes. Sadistic? Yes, but someday she will cash in her check. It makes no sense. Soon I will run out of these that I have. We are on lock-down, so am not able to purchase anything. Soap, stamps, not a thing. I am angry more because I can not communicate. The administration would be so happy to have us all miserable. I understand their mentality, although it surprises me that they make themselves believe it is the moral high ground.

These situations are indicative of what the system would like to cause, a cycle of stupidity and violence. Worse yet, is that they do it for years to those who will one day be released into society. I am talking about general-population prisoners. These same men who are mentally tormented, denied an education and then released. How much sense does that make? 

Somebody just shouted that Bobby got a stay! Someone must have caught it on the news. I can only imagine what he and his family are feeling right now. I am sure that they are relieved.

Late-afternoon: Bobby has been placed back in the cell that they took him from. That’s strange because when anybody gets a stay, he is moved off Death Watch. He must have only gotten a reprieve? Not sure about it.


2 Responses to “DAY 063: They put Bobby in the shower; today is Bobby’s execution date”

  1. Françoise Says:

    What you say is true, dear Roy, the bad thoughts and actions have a “boomerang effect”. And what kind of life may they have to behave like this?
    The important is trying not to let them effect you by all this, as you are doing. It must be so difficult but you reached a fantastic self-control.
    Your analysis of this situation about the cycle of stupidity and violence is alas perfect : harm is generating harm.
    Hoping that Bobby will not have to pass through the same terrific experience again.
    In thoughts and prayers with you, carissimi Rogelio

  2. Paul - from South Africa Says:

    Hi there

    As bad as the deeds are that you have committed…I cannot imagine what YOU must be going through.
    Best wishes buddy!

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