DAY 075: I am being moved again

November 4, 2008 | Tuesday

GOOD MORNING. The guy who has an execution date before me (Kat) has jsut been called out to speak with the captain and he should turn in his execution summary. I am still having trouble filling out this one. Not trouble as in it is disturbing me. That’s not it. I am not sure who to place in responsibility over my remains. Emotions will be high and it needs to be somebody who will be steady and think clearly. The captain wll call me out tomorrow and I really should be ready. The speaker just crackled. I am being moved again. This time I am being placed into a management cell that is totally enclosed. Somebody is up to no good.

 Another day is gone; another cell that I have had to clean! 😦 Well, they certainly have me secured now This management cell is only one cell to the side of the camera cell and completely enclosed. A steel grate and plexiglass cover the two front slots that act as windows on this steel door. My view is obstructed and only see the underside of a steel staircase. I will now be fed through a box that is attached to the door also. It will be very difficult to get anything now. Makes no difference. There are bigger issues before me anyway. My neighbor is Virgil Martinez, so any type of conversation is out of the question. Did I say that he snores really loud? He sounds like a motorcycle! Help. Ha Ha.


3 Responses to “DAY 075: I am being moved again”

  1. Kurt Masur Says:

    I would like to thank you for taking the time to write what’s it’s like behind Death Row and, more particularly, Death Watch. All the time I think about how it must feel like to be in your situation. To wake everyday only to realize that you’re on Death Row and someday soon you will be executed.

    Please continue to write as much as you can, as I think that your work is very educating and informative to the general public, many of who are ignorant about the system in place by their government.

    I do not judge you for the crimes you may have commited, for it is not my place to do that. I do pray, however, that you are prepared to take part in God’s plan of redemption. Stay strong and don’t lose the faith. Kurt

  2. Iida Says:

    I saw an article about you in our district paper in North Karelia of Finland. We don’t have the death sentence in our legislation so it’s really interesting to read about yours. I’m absolutely against it. But anyway thank you so much for keeping a “diary”. And I neither absolutely do not judge you for your crimes, I believe they are just a summary of bad things that have happened to you. I wish you all the best!

  3. Françoise Says:

    Cheer up! Don’t you feel all these warm vibes surrounding you, Rogelio?
    We are still there and will continue to be with you.

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