DAY 054: I feel something in my chest; it’s a tight feeling

October 14, 2008 | Tuesday

IT’S A MAD AFTERNOON. We are definitely on lock-down status today. We will not be escorted to the shower. Only Alvin Kelly showered this morning. It is Alvin Kelly’s execution date. The shower stall on his section is broke, so Alvin came to shower on this section. He snuck over (I am only steps away) and said goodbye. I hope something positive happens for him, although I know the truth of the situation, still I will not give up on him. It’s madness. Strongly, I feel something in my chest. It’s a tight feeling.

During lock-down, it is always quiet unless there is a football game on the radio. Right now, there is hardly any noise at all. Everybody is doing their own thing. I should get some clothes washed and begin to get my property in order. The search is coming. They will come through, pull my property out of the cell, search the cell and property, then put me back in with what is left. A thorough search. 

Somebody just told me that Alvin was executed. This in my late-night entry.


7 Responses to “DAY 054: I feel something in my chest; it’s a tight feeling”

  1. Françoise Says:

    You lost another friend, dear Rogelio. Alvin left, hopefully in peace with himself
    Another death, even so useless and cruel than the other.
    We will pray for Alvin’s soul.
    And for you too, Roy; try to make a kind of carapace in your mind. You have to protect you and keep strong.
    Un abbraccio forte

  2. Art Taylor Says:

    Hello Roy
    You have lost a good friend. I pray that Alvin is in a much better place now. I pray that you stay strong Roy and continue your quest to complete your journal. So stay strong my brother both mentally and physically I know God is guiding you.

  3. Isabelle Says:

    This tight feeling you have in your chest Buddy, I know how it feels these days… When I get it, I practice some deep breathing , I sit down and write. My own thoughts or a letter to you. I feel so much better then 🙂 con mucho cariño.

  4. Julia Sch. Says:

    Hee Roy,
    it is so sad that you lost another friend. I hope Alvin is in a much better place now. I prayed for him. I am thinking of you every day. Hope to talk to you soon,

  5. Kiki Says:

    May Alvin find peace now! I am with Isabelle.
    I have a tight feeling since I started reading your diary…. So, who am I to give you help or advise?! 😉

  6. Wonders Says:

    I wonder if the family of the 18 month old baby Alvin murdered forgave him?

  7. derek leigh Says:

    This situation is so cruel and your government are a disgrace for ever allowing this too happen in the year 2008….i believe in doing the time for doing the crime, but not the death penalty, its gross, like leading the sheep too slaughter, blood dripping onto a once clean floor it walked to it’s death, i sincerely hope this is not going too happen too you m8, i wish you peace and goodwill, and try and have a good christmas. if i did not hate the americans, this is because i was not aware of what happens in your prisons, i am now and i strongly hate the americans , government, guards, warden, u name it i hate it. good luck

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