DAY 024: Grown men do cry

September 14, 2008 | Sunday

ALL THE UNIT’S electrical power is out except that which is powered by the emergency generator, so most lights are out. No electrical power, no football. What a travesty! Actually, it’s OK so long as the power is back on by tomorrow night when the Cowboys play! 🙂

It’s hot and humid, but all things considered, a good day.

Past afternoon now, and I’m back. Something is on my mind. I would refrain from writing this but I think that this should be said and have a clearer picture of this place come into focus. I have been hearing somebody blow his nose frequently. Grown men do cry. I want to check on Scooter but what do I say to him? I’ve talked to him about standing strong for those he loves, if not for himself. I have listened as he has changed gears on me about the hope he has pertaining to his case and then a minute later the truth of this place bubbles up and he is convinced that his execution will be carried out. 

I have been  the jokester to make him laugh. Understanding of what he says and feels. I encourage him as best I can. He is possibly living the last days of his life. And now I lay here and through the hole in the wall I hear hints of his distress. Something tells me that I should not infringe on his private moment. I doubt that I could relieve his pain. This moment will run its course and I’ll be here if he calls. Guess we all have to deal with it in our own way. I have a book that I can escape to.


3 Responses to “DAY 024: Grown men do cry”

  1. Isabelle Says:

    What a moving testimony, Roy ! How many men did you see “leave” ? How many did confide in you ? their fears, regrets and hope… I remember the first man who cried whom you mentioned to me, Jorge, The American Chronicle you wrote about his last weeks… And always, Roy, you have been there, lending an ear, giving advice, a gift, your precious attention in moments of utter loneliness and despair, just being there for them even if your own pain was suffocating. Remember we are there for you too, all of us sharing your present days as you write, praying, hoping, keeping you in our hearts always. Take care dear Buddy.

  2. Françoise Says:

    It must be so precious, dear Roy, to have a friend like you, attentive, always available, who knows when he can talk to or has to remain silent with a companion in distress.
    Reading about Scooter despair and last days of his life is breaking my heart. All this suffering, what for? It seems so useless. This certainty dwelling in your heart makes you stronger and is helping you to be strong for the other too. Thinking of you with affection

  3. Kiki Says:

    Sharing Isa’s and Françoise’s views and thoughts…. Had to take leave of an ill friend last night and know how helpful it is to have somebody who simply understands…. Know when to talk and when to be quiet…
    You seem to be a wonderful friend to those around you, and I fear the moment when nobody will be there like a rock in a turmoil and know what to do….
    You are deeply anchored in my heart!

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