DAY 085: I am being moved into the camera cell

 November 13, 2008 | Thursday

THIS KNOCKING on the Plexiglas and rattling the door is becoming annoying. I Guess it goes on without saying. I am still on the 30-minute watch. The harassment is also back to normal. It should be enough to see me instead of also having to get a verbal response. The speaker just crackled. I have a visit! 🙂

I thought that my bro would show up as soon as the lock-down was lifted. I’m done hanging out with you! Ha Ha Ha!

Afternoon. Well, it wasn’t my bro. In fact, it wasn’t a visit at all. My attorney (Richard Ellis) set up a legal phone call to get me up to date on the appeal. I’ve always had a good relationship with him and I know that both he and Tina Church generally care about me. Richard has never sugar-coated any aspect of my legal situation and I would have it no other way.

That said, we may have a realistic possibility to get a stay, but it’s not a certain thing. A court hearing will be held on Monday to determine what course they will take. My optimism has been well in place. I pray that God favors me right. It was good to hear Richard’s voice. Neither of us wants to create false illusions but a possibility exists and my legal team definitely is up for the challenge. They are experienced and proven. They’ve been through this before and come out on top. I have not given myself up for dead and this only strengthens my reserve. Words are insufficient to describe what I feel.

Late afternoon: Kat just came in from his all-day visit. I could see him. He looked visibly shaken as he walked past without saying a word or answering anybody. It has been roughly an hour that I have paced the few steps forward, the few steps back. I know exactly how Kat feels because I have identified what it is (dread) and why it’s persistent (empathy and execution). I am more able to control it. I would not be writing this otherwise.

Evening: I have been expecting this and now my execution date comes into focus. I am being moved into the camera cell. My books are already packed. It may sound strange to say this now; however, I am going to miss this management cell. I think you grasp the meaning.

Very late entry: Another man who let himself go during his last days. The cell was filthy. Needless to say, it’s totally understandable (although I don’t agree), and now a clean cell. I have spent the last few hours splashing soapy water around this cell and scrubbing. Always feels good to have the place clean like this. The camera cell? It is the exact same dimensions as any other cell. However, this one has a small half globe mounted to the right of the light and up high. Inside that half globe you can clearly see a camera. If they can see me… then maybe … I’ll be back. Wonder where I went? To put my eyeball in the camera, of course! I can see them too. 🙂  I bet that whoever was watching me jumped away from the monitor when I licked the half globe. Ha Ha Ha! Going to call it a night. Later! 


One Response to “DAY 085: I am being moved into the camera cell”

  1. Marianne Rasmussen Says:

    Oh, dear Roy! HaHaHa!! It sure feels good to laugh with you and know that you are able to laugh still! They won’t ever get the better of you!!

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