DAY 031: It’s a never-ending story that I wish had a happy ending

September 21, 2008 | Sunday

CLEANING AGAIN. Washing clothes and bed sheets again. I’m exhausted. -( Well, not really exhausted, just tired of washing clothes! It’s a never-ending story that I wish had a happy ending. Think that I should throw away all my clothes and turn Greek. I could use my bed sheet as a toga. -) With the beard, they will think I’ve lost my mind. Ha Ha. OK, I’m joking. I haven’t lost my mind; it just skipped a gear. I’m alright now. 

Today is National Dallas Cowboys Day, as is every day the Cowboys play football. Yee-haw! I have not exercised in some time because I hurt my neck, but it’s better now. Really should exercise to get myself in game shape!  I am getting updates shouted out to me but I can’t tell you who’s winning. (It’s the Cowboys!) So I should ask . . . How ’bout them Cowboys?! That’s right. Calk it up. Another ”W” for them ‘Boys! I can rest easy now. -) Good night.


2 Responses to “DAY 031: It’s a never-ending story that I wish had a happy ending”

  1. Paloma Says:

    Always making me laugh!! 😉 I think you must look really sexy with your toga… I know you are in shape anyway!
    I’d love to see the faces of your warders ha ha

  2. Françoise Says:

    I am not sure these ancient Greeks had a very simple life. Reading those dramas, all this seems to be very complicated: Love and Hate, Revenges and Betrayals, War and Murders. Yuk! (you say this?).
    But of course, they had Platon, who atone for them!
    Good night too, dear Rogelio

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