DAY 038: I know they love me

September 28, 2008 | Sunday

I HAVE SPENT ALL day thinking about our visit. The Cowboys lost and even that don’t matter. My sister Dina and my brother Bob came to see me. I want to avoid getting all stupid about it, but I realize now how much I have missed them. Bob really hasn’t changed much. A couple of pounds heavier and a few grey hairs color his hair how, but he is the same ol’ Bob, my Bro. We caught up on our lives, laughed, just hung out. I saw a slight sadness in their eyes but they did well to suppress it. I can’t truly know what goes through their minds, but I can imagine. I’m the youngest of my mom’s tribe and I know they love me.


5 Responses to “DAY 038: I know they love me”

  1. Art Taylor Says:

    Hello Roy
    I am preparing to go to our Father’s house for worship on this Sunday morning. I just wanted you to know as always you and every man on death row will be in my prayers today and everyday. Such a wonderful tribute to your family you wrote today. Family is so important as we face trying trials during our journey here on earth. It sounds like you really love your family very much. Stay strong brother and keep God first.

  2. corina Says:

    Dear Rogelio, Thank you for responding to me. I have read my uncle’s responses or posts, and I’m so glad that you two have been friends for so long. I am also sad that at some point you will be gone. I’m sure that will hurt my tio, and through your writings it will hurt me too. You will always, always, be in my thoughts. You have showed me what it really means to have faith and strength in difficult times. Please stay strong.
    Today, I took you to my statistics class. It was mentally challenging. About a week ago we went to Nocuzepo Michoacan Mexico. Lake Patzcuaro was beautiful. We got to experience a really nice part of Mexico. We met Tia Nona, a really nice woman. I’m sure she is praying for both of us. Tomorrow we will go to visit a school and then on Thursday we will go to class.
    Keep your head up. Thank you again for writing. Thank you.

  3. Corrine Says:

    Rogelio – I have just read through all your diary entries and my heart is in pain. I have never understood why, if it’s wrong to kill, then why is it OK for the government to do it? The bible does say an eye for an eye but it also says thou shalt not kill. I will never understand how anyone can think that it’s OK to teach people that it’s wrong to kill, by killing them. I dont understand how you can execute people on a technicality. Its just so wrong. The way you are treated is wrong and I feel for all those on Death Row. Your entries are inspiring and wonderful to read and I felt compelled to comment. You will be in my thoughts.

  4. erik Says:

    rogelio i pray every day for you ,although I do not know you, but you are in my thoughts.

  5. Françoise Says:

    Oh yes, Rogelio, they love you, they did love you silently during all those years of separation. Sometime a silence, an exchange of looks are more eloquent that words.
    Always with you.

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