DAY 048: You made me believe in myself

October 8, 2008 | Wednesday

I HAVE MOSTLY kept this to myself, but I’ve really been looking forward to today. It’s mid-morning and media visits do not begin until noon, but I’m anxious to speak with National Geographic TV. I’ve wondered what their purpose could be and only two things come to mind, some sort of article about cavemen (I look the part 🙂  ) or, more seriously, about the death penalty. Got to get ready!

Finally, they put somebody in the cell next to me. I can’t say that we are friends because me and this guy have had problems in the past. I hope that’s where those problems are, in the past. Major Smith came by and stopped to speak with my neighbor. I’m eavesdropping on the conversation. Hey, I can’t help it! I can hear them from where I’m sitting. The property officer took his radio and stamped envelopes for no apparent reason. The major said he’d look into it. That’s surprising.

About National Geographic: Wonder if you can imagine, as I sat into the small visitation booth and the door was closed behind me. The handcuffs were removed and I sat there, waiting. A few minutes went by and three important people show up! I was nervous, but got good vibes from all three. Mark Mannucci, Katy Jones and James Fraioli. I look forward to this project. They were interested in doing a documentary about this situation (death penalty) and wanted to know if I would consent and participate in this. Well, you know I had to consider my contract … yeah, right!! I had not thought about the direction that this journal would take and even now am surprised by this positive response. You have made me believe in myself and hope my part in this documentary takes this route.


2 Responses to “DAY 048: You made me believe in myself”

  1. Françoise Says:

    Hello, Rogelio,
    Walls have ears… but men too. Actually, God gave us those precious jewels for that precise purpose, didn’t He. We Have to listen!
    Your first time out of the cell without handcuffs, isn’t it? I am sure that particular afternoon has been very interesting for you. And, to change the “ordinary”, new faces, too. Three of them! Fantastic. Hopefully something good will come out of this. I am totally convinced that you gave the best of yourself.
    On Isabelle’s French blog I wrote that if instead of a writer you would be an actor, you would have a great screen presence! Maybe time has come to fulfil your potential!
    I am so happy for you, dear Rogelio, when your days bring you something special and positive.
    You have to believe in yourself, in your own human value, which is highhhhh… We all attach so much value to your friendship and we thank you for trusting us enough to reveal us a part of your heart.
    With some much love,

  2. Kiki Says:

    I have to read on, quickly….!

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