DAY 079: I am taking a piece of soap with me

November 8, 2008 | Saturday

THIS DAY HAS slow. Nobody is shouting chess moves, arguing which college team is best or what NFL teams will not make the playoffs. Something has happened to my neighbor Virgil. He is not as deranged as he once was. Granted, he still talks about time machines, aliens and pauses for a minute or two at a time to figure out what he said, but he is clean now. He showers when allowed. Another thing remains the same: he snores very loudly.

Gigi has been asking to speak with the Death Row major, and he has just shown up. I also need to speak to him about having my visitation list corrected. Have spoken to him now. He said that he will look into it on Monday. I pointed out all the deliberate mistakes. It cannot be denied.

Another cell search crew is coming through. Everybody is being locked in the shower stall while the cell is searched. Today we were not allowed to shower. But I am taking a piece of soap with me. J Shower time!


One Response to “DAY 079: I am taking a piece of soap with me”

  1. Françoise Says:

    You are right, Roy : always useful to have a piece of soap in the pocket! (ha… ha). And for your snoring friend, did you try to whistle? Somme people say it helps: one time he snores, one time you whistle, one time he snores… and so on.

    I will leave you with Gandhi : “Live as if you would have to die tomorrow. Learn as if you would have to live forever”.
    Much love, prayers and thoughts from Geneva by night.

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