DAY 022: He likes cold milk, so I offered him mine

September 12, 2008 | Friday

SCOOTER IS UP for breakfast. He told me that he takes some type of medication so he can sleep. He hardly eats the state food anymore, but likes the cold milk, so I offered him mine.

This afternoon all movement has been stopped. I believe that we are being placed on lock-down status. Luckily, I have been escorted to the shower stall and back. Even showers are cancelled by a lock down! During the time we are allowed three showers per week, none on the weekends. I use my sink to wash up and the towel to wipe up all the water when on lock down.  It’s what most of us do.

So the lock down is about the coming hurricane! I thought, wrongly, that it was about the yearly central prison unit search. It’s too quiet now, as everybody is up. Well, we are all housed in isolation, but somehow, things seem normal when officers are walking by or someone’s voice can be heard in the recreation cage. I wonder what most around me think. Sometimes I can tell what they’re thinking because of their body language when I see them in the recreation area. Or from their actions. 



6 Responses to “DAY 022: He likes cold milk, so I offered him mine”

  1. Tina Church Says:


    Reading your journal is certainly a catalyst for continuing to fight for you. Richard and I are there for you my dear friend. Rhianon sends her love to you!!!!

    Stay strong & keep your faith.



  2. Isabelle Says:

    This is so much like you, Roy: “He likes cold milk, so I offered him mine”… Thinking of you very much as a new day starts with more pages of your journal to read. Thank you Buddy for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us. I hope it helps. Much love.

  3. Carmel Diaz Says:


    My Tio Mumu has always said nice things about you, but after reading your journal entries I realize you are everything he said you are – a smart man who made a very bad decision when he was a dumb kid.

    I used to think that it was a shame that you “wasted” your life in prison and often wondered what Mumu got out of your friendship. After reading your entries, I believe now that your life was not wasted because you are reaching out to a lot of people.

    Your words are making a difference for many people because you’ve touched, even a few, with your journal entries.

    I walk away from reading your journal and wonder if I’m living my life to the fullest. Am I being a decent wife and a good mother? Do I appreciate everything that I have or my family? Am I giving everything I’ve got to my students?

    And then, if the answer is “no,” I try again.

    You see, this is what you’re giving me – another chance to do better. Can you believe it?

    So, even though you are out of second chances to live a better life for yourself, you give me mine. And when I do right by others – husband, son, Mom, Dad, my students – their lives are just a little bit better.

    You touch the lives of my family and students by reminding me to be my best. And when I fuck up, you remind me of everything that I have and I go for it one more time.

    I go for it one more time. I try.

    So, thanks. I will keep trying to be a decent human being.
    Carmel Diaz

  4. Françoise Says:

    The less you have, the more you give, Roy.

    Some days ago, I told you how I was admiring your way of being compassionate.
    I love this word “compassion”, which is far away from “pity”. Compassion means “to suffer with”. And, all along your Journal, you prooved us many times how big is your capacity for suffering with or for the other.
    Carmen is right: you are smart-minded.
    Good boy, Roy!
    With love

  5. Kiki Says:

    Rogelio, the title sentence has left me delirious…. You’re like a warm-hearted mother here, giving your milk to your friend… You must have changed beyond recognition since you committed what brought you to the place you’re now!
    Fully agree with what your friends wrote above – can’t say it any better.
    You’re GOOD and I am sure, you’re forgiven – take this in your heart and keep staying strong and cheerful.
    Loving greetings, Kiki

  6. KB Says:

    Hey Rogelio, U killed 2 people when you were 18? What made you do that and what was the motive behind it? Do you realise now why you did it? I feel for you guy, hang in there and i believe in 2nd chances!!! If this msg does not reach you, can someone pls fill me in?

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