Day 011: The sun is out and the day is great

September 1, 2008 | Monday

I WAS ALLOWED into the outside cage to stretch. God is good. The sun is out and the day is great. I have often wondered if two men have an execution date on the same day, how will they determine who will be strapped down first? Ironically, it seems to be the case now as myself and Taylor are both scheduled to be executed on the very same day.

I was out and next to me was Elkie Taylor, who has lost all his appeals. I had heard that he was down below me, but I had not seen him because he hardly comes out. Elkie sleeps all day long and now I have found out why: He is having difficulty dealing with the execution date and is being medicated heavily. His appearance screams as much. I asked him how he was holding up and he said, “Man, jus’ thinking ’bout my date.”

We spoke about it. If worst comes to worst, I’m here if he needs humor or a shoulder to lean on. If, indeed, worse comes to worst, we will both be loaded into the same van, I believe, and transferred to the Walls Unit in Huntsville. It’s where the execution chamber is located.


2 Responses to “Day 011: The sun is out and the day is great”

  1. Françoise Casanova Says:

    “Two men and one date”

    Oh, so deeply sad, Rogelio. Maybe two men are making them reciprocally courage? Sharing, whatever it is, always help.

    When I read your messages, I’m of course thinking with affection to you but also to Maverick, Jorge, Scooter and Elkie and the other.
    I don’t know any of them personally but knowing that they are sharing with you the unspeakable, the authorized shame, make them nearer to me. So give your neighbour a warm message from me.

    A little bit later: I just read the letter Juan wrote to you of October 4th. Such a beautiful mail! I wish I had wrote every single word, every single sentence, every paragraph of it ! These must be the words you need to hear, to read. We are a lot to feel the same but unfortunately can’t express the same way.

    At this precise moment, Luigi and me, as well as his son Andrea and a friend of him, Antoine, are in our *chalet*, in Valais. Did Isabelle tell you about this? On the other side of the valley, I can see Veysonnaz and nearly Isa and JM’s chalet. All the lights of their village are shining. It’s not Sacramento but there is a marvellous sunset. The sky is still clear with some slight and shaped clouds and a small moon quarter coming off the high mountains. Outside, it’s cold but inside, we lighted the fireplace. And I’am writing to you and I feel better.
    I wish you could, too Rogelio.

  2. Neil Says:

    Hi Rogelio,

    I live in South Africa. We don’t have the death penalty here. And I used to support reinstating it until I read your blog!
    Thank you for changing my mind! I don’t really know what to say. How to comfort someone who is about to be executed.Jsut typing that sentence gives me the shivers. Good luck Rogelio and keep your head up!

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