DAY 025: A glass of cold reality

September 15, 2008 | Monday

BREAKFAST HAS COME and it’s still being served on paper trays. The pancakes are good but I am not hungry, so it doesn’t matter, not really. They are using paper trays because electricity output is still limited to the use of the emergency generator. When the sun goes down it gets really dark in here. The only way to read or write is by scooting all the way up to the front of the cell and stealing from the emergency lights. Right now I’m using this source of light to write by. It’s dark and quiet in here. Scooter is shuffling around next door. His all-day visits begin today.

It’s past 8 o’clock (a.m.) and Scooter’s visitors have yet to show up. He keeps asking the officers about his visit, but they do not know what will happen because all visits have been suspended. Nobody is being allowed to visit because of the electricity being out. His anxiety is so obvious. I would be anxious too if I wasn’t certain about something this important — about my last days with those I love and who love me. Last night we spoke about this scenario. He talked about the possibility of his visits being denied. I told him to remain positive because he got worked up. Who wouldn’t, given his circumstances. Still no sign of his visitors. But they have said that his friends and family would be allowed in.

I dozed off but an officer’s voice has got me up! Scooter’s people are here and he has been told to get ready for a visit.

Monday Night Football and the Dallas Cowboys game is not going to be on for us. All we have known is that we haven’t had electricity. We are slowly finding out the extent of the damage caused by the hurricane. An officer told us that electricity and water are down all around the surrounding area. Huge healthy trees are littering the streets, roots and all. And the islands outside mainland Houston are disaster areas. Hardly a house standing. We didn’t know. I pray that people weren’t hurt themselves.

It’s after 5 o’clock because Scooter only now came in from  his visit. He has confirmed that trees were lying across the streets and made it difficult for his friends and family to get here. It’s why they arrived late. He says that his attorney his given up on his case and he barely found out about it today! Said that if he had known he would have asked for help elsewhere. A glass of cold reality. Who would believe this could happen?! I doubt anybody would believe because the system is supposed to be fair. His death is mostly certain now. His only hope is an appeal for clemency to Gov. Rick Perry.

No mail will be passed out tonight either, because of the electricity being out. 


2 Responses to “DAY 025: A glass of cold reality”

  1. Isabelle Says:

    You are and will be surrounded always by those you love and who love you.

  2. Françoise Says:

    Every day, on the TV, we can hear about the violence of the hurricane and we see images of desolation. It is moving to read the same news from inside your cell.
    You are not alone, Roy. The ones who love are near from you and will always be.

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