DAY 056: We may never see him again

October 16, 2008 | Thursday

DON’T KNOW WHAT time it is, but I think it’s close to 8 a.m. because Stein has been handcuffed and escorted to the shower. I can see the front of his cell through the reflection on the center control tower when the lights are off. Several officers are standing there, waiting to escort him to the visitation area. He will visit till 12 noon or until he gets a stay of execution. If 12 noon comes, he will be strip-searched and transferred to Huntsville, unless he gets “stayed.” I hope so. He is on his way out. He is shouting his goodbyes to us all. We may never see him again.

Mailroom employees came by today. I have hardly mentioned this. Every morning, they come through with legal mail, books sent that must be signed for, or certified mail. Also, when something has been denied from a letter to stamps or a musical card. It happens. A lot of men get nervous when they walk towards their cells with a large legal envelope because it could possible be bad news from the courts.

Wow! I would hate to someday need emergency medical help! The medical personnel  conducted an emergency medical drill just now!! They had a trail of officers and the wheeled gurney that they pushed was knocking and bumping every wall! They’d kill me themselves.


3 Responses to “DAY 056: We may never see him again”

  1. Marianne Rasmussen Says:

    Dearest Roy, reading your daily observatories and thoughts renders a deep and thought provocing insight, and I love to see that your sense of humor is strong and healthy still!! I sure hope you won’t need emergency medical help either!! And how I wish everything would be different for you and for everybody who love you and care for you… I am grateful to be in your circle of friends and to have you in my life for whatever length of time! The Dallas Cowboys are playing tonight, they’ll broadcast the game live on Danish TV and even though I’m not much of a football fan, I thought I’d watch the game for you! Go Cowboys!! Simbre una amiga, Marianne.

  2. Art Taylor Says:

    Hello Roy
    Thank you for being part of my life, I believe through reading your journal you have informed me of how mentally draining that place can be. Even though I have visited men on death row we have never discussed their inner most thoughts. But through your journal I have read it first handed. May God be with you through this journey.

  3. Françoise Says:

    This ritual of handcuffs, shower, visit and transfer to Huntsville your cell companions are confronted with is chilling, even more since we read the letter of Jose Angel Moreno. All of you, you shouldn’t have to go through it. Is is to cruel.
    Thank you for offering us, in spite of all , these moments of lightness with your sparkles of humor. It is helping a lot.
    The thought of God watching you you, smiling at you, also.
    Con tanto affetto

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