DAY 058: I know this will be much easier if we talk about it

October 18, 2008 | Saturday

I AM SITTING HERE, ready to go to sleep. For the past few hours, I have sat here reading over an article that was given to me years ago (“When A Loved One Has An Execution Date.”) I have not given myself to the idea of dying on the 19th, although I fully understand the odds. I know it will be much easier if we talk about this. Isabelle, Juan and familia, if worse comes to worst, I want to be cremated, my ashes placed in small  vials and shared among my friends and family: Isabelle, Victor, Juan, Dina, Rhianon, Tina, Bob, Gary, My minister Maria, Adela and Margy. I hope this is possible and really, it’s all I ask as a last request. No, wait! One more thing: reflect. Be happy that we knew each other. If God’s grace touches my situation and I am granted another day in the sun, the relief will be that much more sweeter looking at this either way. But hey, I’m still here.


3 Responses to “DAY 058: I know this will be much easier if we talk about it”

  1. Marianne Rasmussen Says:

    Dear Roy, yes!! You are still here! And thank God for that. If only, God, if only… The reflection is not something you need ask, I’m sure everyone who knows you, be it for a life time or a brief moment in time will have been touched by the essence of who you are! And we will all be happy that we knew you!
    Love, Marianne

  2. Françoise Says:

    Nothing else but a respectful silence!
    And having the happiness to know a true love and sincere friends is certainly the most important and beautiful experience in one’s life. You have had both and you are still here.
    Love, Françoise

  3. Art Taylor Says:

    Hello Roy
    It truly has been a wonderful trip knowing you if only for a few short weeks. I have grown to love your journal and your writings and your true friendship. What ever the outcome I am sure God will be with you. Your friend Art.

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