DAY 060: I need a real shower

October 20, 2008 | Monday

STILL ON LOCK-DOWN. They have begun escorting us to shower. Using the sink  to bathe is enough to keep clean. However, the shower stall is always better. I need a real shower and am ready. 

A mailroom employee came and advised me that a blank postcard was being denied to me from Carmen. I got a peek at it. Cool card. It was one of those that animate when you move it around.

Late entry: Gigi was brought back from the psych ward today. He has not said much, but am sure Stein’s execution had something to do with his meltdown. He is back in the same cell that he was taken from.


2 Responses to “DAY 060: I need a real shower”

  1. corina Says:

    Hola Rogelio, I hope you keep writing, because my mom is just about to start reading your blog. She would like to read more about you.
    Keep up the faith, amigo. Obama won, maybe we can get him to over turn this monstrosity of the death penalty.

  2. Françoise Says:

    May be some kind of light my come out of his victory? Let us pray and hope.
    Sorry for Carmen and you. It must be a delusion not having access to a friendly message, mustn’t it?
    I hope that your friend Gigi will be able to recover a mental strength and courage and overcome his pain
    Oh, by the way, a good smell of soap is flying until here and your beard is sparkling with small drops of morning dew … (Hi… hi… hi…)
    Much Love

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