DAY 071: I still have days to live

October 31, 2008 | Halloween, Friday

I HAD A LONG night. Had to thoroughly clean the cell that I am in now. Elkie was moved to the camera cell and I am put in this one. The man really let himself go. Sad.

I have been thinking about Maverick’s situation. I have not been able to get a straight answer about him. However, I’m guessing that he may not have come back. 

Afternoon now. Another man has been brought into Death Watch. His name is Virgil Martinez. There are now three men on Death Watch whose name is Martinez. This one “Virgil” is mentally deranged. He will not be executed. The state may attempt to execute him, but it has been proven that he is insane. Those in bloodlust will be disappointed when they fail to taste his.

I received a certified letter today from a person who had an important message for me and she wanted to be sure that I got her letter. I had thought to write but my execution date kept me from doing it. I now have a strong urge to get a message to her quickly. I cannot wait to see about a stay to acknowledge her letter. I will write now. Her message? An experience of the afterlife. I know that heaven awaits but I still have days to live and “hope” for more.


4 Responses to “DAY 071: I still have days to live”

  1. Art Taylor Says:

    Hello Roy
    You are right you have many more days to live here on your earthly journey and I know you will have eternity in our Fathers kingdom. Just think of the love and freedom that exist there. The freedom that your mind has now and you will experience that freedom spiritually in His kingdom. I continue to pray for your strength and guidence.

  2. Tina Church Says:


    Richard and I are in the trenches–we have your back. We send our love, and strength.

    Hug ya,


  3. corina Says:

    Yes keep your hope Rogelio. Don’t loose it.
    I am still enjoying your writing, and gain strength with them. Please know that your writing has helped me through a difficult class. Thank you.
    Don’t loose hope. I won’t.
    Keep your head up.

  4. Françoise Says:

    Hello, dear Rogelio,
    It it sad to realize that ones need to be mentally deranged to escape to execution and even though…
    As Art, I do think that you still have many days and months and more to live among us. We still need to hear about you, about your way of considering things and life. You are making us more conscious of the value of our own life and liberty.
    P.S. This makes me think that we could add another eventual profession to the range of activities you could consider : reporter

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