DAY 021: Not a good thing for all concerned

September 11, 2008 | Thursday

FINALLY, JOE has shown up. It’s morning and he just woke me up. Guess I’ll hang out with the Grey Beard. Joe is 51, going on 28. When I met him, he was 41, going on 27!! Crazy. Joe is a riot. Always good to speak with him. He left only minutes ago. Another Dallas Cowboy fan too! 🙂 He has a radio and receives the USA TODAY/Cowboys Star magazine, so he is up on all the latest news.

I did not realize how huge Hurricane Ike is! Ike is a hurricane that is headed our way. I hardly knew! I heard whispers about it, but really didn’t pay it no mind. I hope and pray that it does not make it to us. Last time a major hurricane came through, Katrina was its name, and it was horrible. Not a good thing for all concerned.

The Cowboys are winning the Super Bowl this year. It’s what Joe said, but then he said that last year too! I think he’s right this year, though. 

Oh, and something that I’ve learnt about having a beard. I have tried being careful not to accidently knock even one strand of hair off, but really, it needs washing or will stink like any hair.


One Response to “DAY 021: Not a good thing for all concerned”

  1. Françoise Says:

    Yes, Roy, every day is bringing with it something new and learning us something, important or less important. But what is really important? It is a very subjective concept.
    I am wondering how long is your beard now?
    Cowboys are the greatest!
    Read you tomorrow.

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