DAY 077: Today was supposed to be my execution date also

November 6, 2008 | Thursday

I BELIEVE Elkie Taylor was having some sort of problem this morning before he left. My view is very limited because of this steel grate and dirty Plexiglas on the door. I did see the silhouette of several officers as they escorted Elkie past this cell. I heard Elkie say something, although it wasn’t clear. Today was supposed to be my execution date also.

It’s afternoon now. My pencil froze for a while. My thoughts have been drifting back to my childhood. For about two hours now, I have been reminiscing. My life flashing before my eyes? Not quite. I just recall being a kid, carefree. Lying on the grass outside of my house and looking up at the sky above, losing myself in the clouds. Or chasing my dog. All of us had those lazy summer days. I especially remember the swimming holes. Ours was a huge canal, sort of like a river with a dam. A lot of the neighborhood boys would gather on the dam and we would swim all day! We would jump off the dam and into deep water. One side of this canal was a strong current that was so much fun. We would tie a rope to the dam and toss it into the current and play king of the rope. I was always only a nuisance to the bigger boys but I loved the challenge all the same and my brothers were there. Sometimes we had inner tubes that we would float on and farther down the canal where the water came up to our waist, we’d split sides and would play war! Playing tag was also loads of fun. Recall grown-ups telling you not to play with frogs because if they pee on you, warts would grow? In tag, I was the frog. Carefree days. Afterwards, we would walk down the railroad tracks, all headed for home. 


2 Responses to “DAY 077: Today was supposed to be my execution date also”

  1. Carmen Says:

    Muy estimado Roy!
    I just received your letter of Nov. 16 with the Coldplay line on the bottom. It really made me smile. I am typing this from Las Vegas. I will send out another letter from here today or tomorrow. You will have to deal again with my handwriting! Take care! You are in my thoughts! Con carino! La Guera!

  2. Françoise Says:

    I like so much this entry and I was so happy and proud to translate it. Your description of this little boy is so true, so real and full of emotion. I can see him like in a movie, almost touch him! I am happy to know that when you are alone “with yourself”, you have luminous remembrances to hang on. It is warming the heart, isn’t it?
    Warm thoughts

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