DAY 080: Visual stimulation

November 9, 2008 | Sunday

OH YEAH! Visual stimulation. 🙂 My cell view may be limited but I only now got a sports magazine, a Spanish-language mag and a copy of last Thursday’s USA TODAY. How? There is a crack under the door and so I taped together several cards that have been sent to me. The tape I peeled off my letters. The mailroom uses tape to reseal my letters once they are read. I taped cards together, tied a string that I unraveled from an old garment and slide them out into the walkway. My homeboy (friend) Joe B. fished it into his cell and back and forth the line went with magazines in tow. Joe B. is only two cells down the walkway, and so now I have something to look at! Necessity is the mother of ingenuity.

Late-night entry: Sunday without the Cowboys playing football. What a relief! They’ve been stumbling all over themselves. Luckily, they are off this week. Tony Romo comes back from injury when they play next week. That should help. They play the Washington Redskins. Should be a good game.

Well, the same routine. Washed clothes 😦 and read my Bible some. We are still on lock-down status. 


One Response to “DAY 080: Visual stimulation”

  1. Françoise Says:

    Such a clever system you and your inmates organized! I am glad for you, dear Roy, that you are able to share news and various information with your friends.
    A special *Thought of the day” for you, Rogelio, who are so fond of reading: it has been written by a French writer, Jules Renard (which means “fox” in French, ha… ha… ah…), 1864-1910.
    “When I am thinking to all the books which I still have to read, I know for certain that I will still be happy”.
    Right now, I am reading my Italian book (Mamma mia! I have to finish it until Wednesday because we have our Reading meeting) and listening to latino music, turning all around the coffe thema. It’s a series of 5 CDs with nice titles: ” Caffé Latte”, “Caffé Capuccino”, “Caffé Expresso”, “Café de Paris” (a famous place in Paris) and “El Café Latino”. Isn’t it nice? An apple pie in the oven smells of apple, of course, and cinnamon.
    And, of course, I am thinking of you! With love and prayers, Speedyfanfan

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