Day 007: Isolated in his own cage

August 28, 2008 | Thursday

MORNING HAS COME and gone. I was first up to go out. I went to the outside cage to stretch and walk around. See if I can describe this area. Imagine a huge concrete box with sides that stand 30 feet and steel bars on top. This box is split in half by bars that go up the length and creates two triangular areas. Each triangle area is where one of us is allowed into. Two of us get to stretch and walk at the same time, but each of us is isolated in his own area, cage.


4 Responses to “Day 007: Isolated in his own cage”

  1. Carmel Diaz Says:

    Why are you there?
    You’ve been there since a teen?
    How old are you now?
    How is it that you haven’t lost your mind yet?

  2. deathwatchjournal Says:

    Rogelio does not have access to the Internet and thus cannot read your questions or reply to them.
    He was convicted of murdering his cellmate at the Beeville state prison. Rogelio claims it was self defense.
    He has been on Death Row since 1997. I can’t remember when he first entered the prison system. He is 36 years old.
    He has several siblings but his mother died several years ago.

  3. Françoise Casanova Says:


    Thank you for the description. Once again I can feel nearer from you.
    I have so clear images in my mind. As if we could smell the concrete and iron atmosphere.
    Love from us,
    F., L., J.-F. & V.

  4. Kiki Says:

    Rogelio, I’m shivering here…. I can’t take in too much of your journal at one time; every entry leaves me drained and crying. Your writing really makes awesome, terrifying, gripping, heart-wrenching and incredible reading.
    But what’s far more important: It’s not just ‘a novel’, it’s written by a living soul, ‘still around’, a testimonial to what Life can be (if THIS is a life) and no matter how much you regret an action committed years and years ago…. there seems to be no pardon!

    It’s utterly cruel and serves as a terrible reminder as to how ‘far’ we’ve got in our development. Humanity seems to be a word inexistent in some dictionnaries. God luckily is much more generous and I am sure when your victim is able to forgive you, and when YOU can forgive your judges, He will let you come to rest in paradise. It’s a comforting thought for me knowing that our God is not a judging but a loving God.

    I send you my love and prayers.

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