Day 005: Like freaks on a circus show

August 26, 2008 | Tuesday

I HAD NOT REALIZED it, but today we are not allowed out of the cells to stretch. I was handcuffed and escorted to the shower stall. We are handcuffed, always. 

It’s been an extremely quiet day. God still watches over me. It’s a good day.

Spoke to Maverick and found out he has very recently submitted his final exams towards his paralegal correspondence course. He hopes to have his test results before his execution date. He is anxious to know, but he is confident the courts will grant him relief based on the guilty man’s coming forward, and other facts that support his appeal. 

A sergeant has just come to advise me that a cellphone was found among my property. It’s totally against policy to have one, so I guess he came to accuse me of being totally in trouble. I have no clue what he is talking about, as phones cost a fortune!

A tour of “suits” has come through. One of these men is a Texas Ranger (has a badge that says as much). The others I have no idea who they are, but tours do enjoy walking by these cells. These Death Watch sections are more popular among general and specific tours that come through on Death Row. I’ve been here only days and already been told that they pass often, at last once a week. Most here on Death Watch say that they feel like the freaks in a circus chow.


3 Responses to “Day 005: Like freaks on a circus show”

  1. Françoise Casanova Says:

    Unbelievable! The vulgarity has not limit!

    But, may be, there is a certain advantage which could be taken from these “visits”?
    They are coming to observe your housing and yourselves? So, try to consider this as a cinema screening, with many characters playing their part. … And observe them!
    There is a very wellknown Italian (Sicilian) writer who wrote theater dramas. His name is Luigi Pirandello and one of his play’s name is “Seven characters in search of author” (translation ??). You could create your own circus show! In tennis, couldn’t it be called “A successful smash”?
    The freaks are not always the one somebody could think…
    Thinking of you,
    Isabelle’s little sister

  2. Catherine Gragg Says:

    I have just begun to read your journal. Thank you for sharing your your thoughts. When I envision a circus and I think about the attraction and the audience, I am struck by the metaphor that you and your friends are using for describing “the tours.”

  3. amazon Says:

    Have you thought it’s the circus walking past your cell and your the observer

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