DAY 045: Maybe I’ll be able to enjoy Sundays again

October 5, 2008 | Sunday

IT’S EARLY AND most everybody is still asleep, but won’t be long because today is football Sunday. For a lot of us, today is the week’s highlight during football season. I used to have a weekly routine before the Cowboys’ game that included tacos. Maybe if If get a stay of execution, I’ll be able to enjoy Sundays again as I have in the past. Today I will clean up my cell, wash clothes and read. I can’t listen to the Cowboys’ play but the final score will be shouted to me. That’s enough these days. Final day’s entry: How ’bout them Cowboys?! Won.


One Response to “DAY 045: Maybe I’ll be able to enjoy Sundays again”

  1. Françoise Says:

    And I love tacos, too. Surely not the same “homemade” you had the occasion to taste. But here, we have many Mexican restaurants and I should go there more often. Another way to be nearer from you, Dear Rogelio!

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