Day 006: The odds are hugely against us

SOMEBODY SHOUTING, “cell search!” has woke me up. The toilet water has been turned off so nothing gets flushed. Hardly works. The officers are handcuffing us all and pulling us out so the cells can be searched for nuclear warheads.

Last night I stayed up. Sometimes this place seems so unreal. I sat quietly and I could hear Maverick next door, shuffling around his cell. His light was out and I was staring at my wall. My vision unfocused, my thoughts wandered. I thought about how someone recently sat in this cell but has since been executed. Surreal. Truth is, of the 13 of us men on Death Watch, only one, possibly two of us will live to see the year out. The odds are hugely against us. 

Got to wash my clothes. It’s afternoon. Another tour has come through. Another farce. Anther show. They walked over into the empty Death Watch section where the isolation cell is located . . . and monsters kept? What a joke. More than a handful of the offices who work on Death Row are elderly men and women. In them we are fortunate.

The tour consisted mostly of men. I’m embarrassed to admit because I may sound like a savage, but I wonder who those men were, what their lives are like and their purpose was.


One Response to “Day 006: The odds are hugely against us”

  1. Françoise Casanova Says:

    You are right : all this is so strange and surreal, Roy.
    I don’t even know if I have to cry or to smile about all these stories. Or maybe a sweet and sour laugh ?
    Anyway, I have always been thinking that, in the worst situations, the only thing able to save us was God and/or a strong sense of humour. You have plenty!
    If only you had a camera… Oscar would have to worry about
    With love,

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