DAY 090: We are again on lock-down status


November 19, 2008 | Wednesday

IT WAS NICE to be woken up and asked if I wanted to get out and stretch, but not so nice to be forgotten about! I was supposed to get out into the recreation cage on the second round, meaning that I would be the second man into the recreation cage. However, they have turned off all the lights. I have waited till now. It’s noon and the sack meals are being handed out. We are again on lock-down status. Wonder what it’s about now.

Mailroom employees came and left. I was brought a letter that I had to sign for (thanks, Mark Mannucci!) and also got a book I have been expecting for days. María had a bookstore send me a book titled, “God’s Promises For You” and it sat in the mailroom for 10 days. Maybe they decided that since my execution date was set for today, that I had no use for the book? Not sure, but I received it. Than you, María, and God Bless you.

It is afternoon, and I am thinking that the lock-down has something to do with Blake’s execution date. However that is not the case, I don’t think because …

I could not have written those words soon enough. Another flood of officers are entering the cellblock! It all makes sense now. Two men were brought into the cellblock earlier for some rule violation. They were caught with cell phones.

Minutes later: They are starting on the opposite end of the cellblock. They are taking each of us out to be strip-searched and our property is being bundled up and taken out of the cell. They will not be upon us for several hours. I have been told that it’s 5 p.m. and now my turn to come out.


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