Day 041: I’m surprised how much of myself remains a mystery

October 1, 2008

READ ALL DAY. The books you sent me, Juan? Gracias. Of the  two, ‘Predictably Irrational” is the more basic one, the easier to read. ‘Sway’ is really fascinating and a bit more detailed in explanations. Always, I’m surprised to find out how much of myself remains a mystery and I’ve been carrying “me” around for 36 years! Only in these past decades have neuroscientists begun to understand more about the matter that causes thoughts, feelings . . . I hate to think that I won’t be around to read about advancements in understanding ourselves.  To witness how society will benefit from an individual’s better understanding. God willing, I will be around. De nuevo, thanks for the books, Juan, and for allowing me to learn from you this past decade. I don’t consider myself ignorant anymore.


5 Responses to “Day 041: I’m surprised how much of myself remains a mystery”

  1. Art Taylor Says:

    Hello Roy
    I was sitting in the parking lot at the airport and suddenly I recalled one of your letters. You said you as a child liked to watch the airplanes land and take off. I said a short prayer for you that you might see that again.

  2. Françoise Says:

    Hello, Rogelio,
    I like the idea of not knowing everything about myself. The more we know about ourselves, the less we know, I would say. Every day is bringing something new : a book we read, a spectacle we see, a music we hear, a person we meet, all this creates a new emotion, a reflection and is making another person of ourselves. “What would I do in such circumstances, how would I react in front of a pain, a fear, a huge happiness ?”
    We are wearing so many masks, not to hide ourselves but just as a result of the alchemy created between persons (I am not behaving the same if I am speaking with John or Meg or Bob or Mark or Sue…), even if with each person I am totally sincere! Don’t you think so?
    You will be around, you have to be.
    And you have never been ignorant. It’s just just you know so many things, now…
    Ciao, ciao, con un abbraccio forte

  3. Isabelle Says:

    I have never considered you as “ignorant”, Rogelio, never. When I look back over these past 11 years, I realize all you taught me about your life outside and then inside the walls. Thank you Buddy.I learned through your readings, your reflections and relations with others around you. You taught me a lot more than you think, living years in a tiny cell with limited contact, harsh conditions, trying to become who you really are. And you did well, very well. And still do 🙂

  4. Ann Chapman Says:

    Roy, of all the things I love about you, your thirst for knowledge is what I love best. Where does that come from? Too many people don’t have it. I yearn to know: why do you have it? Where did it come from? Has it made your life better? I hope so.

    I tell my children and grandchildren to sit on my grave and tell me the news of the world. I want to defeat death and keep learning new things. Would you want that too? I can tell you this right now: You have touched the lives of so many with your letters and now with your journal. You have done well for yourself.

    And yes you are a handsome devil in your beard!

    Much love,


  5. Drew Says:

    Rogelio, i understand that your days are numbered. In reality all of our days our numbered. As Humans we are all capable of doing bad things, wheather its murder or telling a lie. however, the bad things we do don’t determine our life. God knew we were going to sin so He sent an extension of himself to this earth who was Jesus. He was a man and God at the same time, he felt everthing we feel and stood up to it. He was tempted and never sinned. He suffered just like we suffer. He did this in order to forgive our sins. big or small. to forgive us for our what we’ve done. He was killed just like the death we face and then he was ressurected to prove that he was God. in the sinful shape we are in, we can’t even be in Gods presence because sin can’t be in the presence of perfection, If someone brings sin into a perfect world then the world loses its perfection. we can’t have fellowship with God untill we realize that we have evil in our hearts. When we realize that and ask God for forgiveness then we have peace, the PEACE OF GOD becasue we have fellowship with God. somwhere in the bible it says, “If we confess with our mouth that Jesus is lord and believe in our heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved” Then the Lord removes gives you a NEW heart with his Spirt living in it. I’m praying for you man.

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