DAY 026: His night will be long

September 16, 2008 | Tuesday

SCOOTER’S VISITS ARE back on track. He just went out to his visit and will be out all day. It’s a bit past 8 a.m. Before he left, he was given several property bags so that he can pick up his belongings and separate what he plans to give to whom. His watch he wants his son to have as something to remember him by if worse comes to worst.

Well, it’s getting rowdy in here. Everybody is hooting and hollering. Small wonder too, because the electricity has been restored! Wait. It went out. Now it’s on again!! So, at least others can listen to their radios and I’ll catch whispers of news. Already in: the Cowboys won last night. 🙂

Scooter is back, but he isn’t talking much. He is packing up his property so that he has it ready tomorrow. And since the electricity is back on he can use his coffee pot to  heat up a pouch of chile with beans and eat something warm. Good for him. 

I’m lying down to sleep now, if I can. I stood and spoke to Scooter for a while and am mentally exhausted. Tomorrow they will execute Scooter. His radio is on right now. I can hear it. He has decided not to take his medication and will likely stay awake because of it. I imagine his night will be long, as will be mine. 


One Response to “DAY 026: His night will be long”

  1. Françoise Says:

    Doing his best to accompany a cell friend during his last hours must be a terrible experience. Not the first one for you !
    I am sure you found the words which have helped him. For Scooter, knowing that somebody is sharing with compassion his grief, his fright and questions must help him to feel less lonely. I am so sorry for Scooter and his family. We shall pray for them, too.

    I hope you will resist to all this suffering. Keep courage and try to find a little bit of serenity.
    Coming back tomorrow, Rogelio. Love

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