DAY 030: Not a good thing

September 20, 2008 | Saturday

WHAT A NIGHT. It’s morning now and am sitting in a filthy cell. Not sure if to clean it or wait because I was told that I may be moved again. First off, I was placed in the cell next to this one, which I scrubbed clean. I washed up after and just when I got done, I was told to pack up. I was moved again! Seems that the plumbing tubes were cracked in the other cell and every time that I flushed, sprays of toilet water went into the cells underneath me. Not a good thing. It got late last night so I fell asleep and now here I am in this dirty cell. 😦  I have been told that I might be moved back into my original cell if it gets fixed, so I’m holding out hope. I’d hate to clean this cell only to move out!

Well, I cleaned another cell. Won’t be moved back. I’m tired. It’s only 3 of us on this section, myself on the 2nd floor and two men underneath me on the 1st floor.


5 Responses to “DAY 030: Not a good thing”

  1. corina Says:

    Hey Rogelio, I found some statistics on the Cowboys for you. I hope my uncle Juan Ramon gets them to you soon. I will try to post more information for you. Keep up the faith. Corina

    Texas Stadium – Wk 4 1 2 3 4 T
    Washington Redskins 0 17 3 6 26
    Dallas Cowboys 7 3 7 7 24

    Wk Date Opponent Time
    3 Sun, Sep 21 @ Green Bay 27-16 W
    4 Sun, Sep 28 Washington 24-26 L
    5 Sun, Oct 05 Cincinnati 4:15 PM ET
    6 Sun, Oct 12 @ Arizona 4:15 PM ET
    7 Sun, Oct 19 @ St. Louis 1:00 PM ET
    8 Sun, Oct 26 Tampa Bay 1:00 PM ET

    Player (Pos) Injury
    Kyle Kosier (G) O – Foot
    Roy Williams (S) O – Forearm
    Pat Watkins (S) D – Neck
    Stephen Bowen (DE) Q – Hamstring

  2. Paloma Says:

    Hi Roy! I wrote you again today, as I did last week. I hope you recieve my letters. I read the blog every day, waiting to know from you.

  3. Françoise Says:

    You seem to be so efficient in cleaning cells!
    Most of time housework,as it occupies the hands, leaves the mind free, free to think, to escape, to find solution. It is the advantage.
    Keep your courage intact but allow you also to be just a human being, sometimes afraid and full of doubts,

  4. Kiki Says:

    I just thought, reading your entry, that you probably ALSO would have made a wonderful house man – the way you keep your abode clean! I probably would be a lot cleaner if I had such a restricted place…. Same as Françoise, I thought too that cleaning or doing garden work or such is definitely a place to set the mind FREE. It goes and does things all on its own, thinking, dreaming, fearing, even singing… Hope your doubts are getting smaller and your hopes larger, until hope is all consuming and despair has no space left!
    With love, Kiki

  5. Françoise Says:

    “I probably would be a lot cleaner if I had such a restricted place…”

    Olà, Kiki!
    What’s that? Do you think it is nice to minimize Rogelio’s merit in cleaning only because his “abode” is small? (thank you, I learned a new word)
    Good boy, Roy – Bad girl, Kiki! (+ smiling emoticon)
    (Hi…hi…hi…) I wish I had still my emoticons bar. I threw it away in my electronic basket because they told me that it was a “virus trap”. It seems that all of you do not care?

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