DAY 070: Got to pack up my books

October 30, 2008 | Thursday

WELL, THIS IS an unusual but funny night! The cell block officers are sweeping and picking up the trash They never do that. Wonder what the higher-ups will have them doing next. Cleaning the shower stalls? I wonder.

Father Vatela came by earlier. We had an interesting talk about beliefs and the presence of the Holy Spirit. What it means as an emotional surge and profound feeling. Very intelligent man. The Death Row warden walked through also. There is something peculiar about that. Some men think that they have figured him out. I say not yet. “Officer Cook” for certain has been figured out. He is the one who reads through our mail. A quick description? Short, round, shifty eyes, nervous hands and a shaven pockmarked face. 

I have been advised that I am being moved so got to pack up my books. I still have most of those! -)


One Response to “DAY 070: Got to pack up my books”

  1. Françoise Says:

    I am glad, dear Roy, that you have found support and appreciate speaking with Father Vatela.
    I hope that you will not have to clean you new cell from top to bottom!
    Thoughts and prayers.

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