DAY 053: Delicious . . . when you are hungry

October 13, 2008 | Monday

THEY SNUCK UP on us this time! We are on lock-down status. Usually, all the signs are there before they lock down the prison unit. But not this time. What does this mean? We are now confined to the cell 24 hours a day. All privileges are suspended. We only get to shower three times per week, and we will eat sack meals (usually two sandwiches) for the duration of the lock-down. I am certain to become a stinky monster now, since I will not be able to buy soap! This will last a minimum of two weeks. Oh, and they will come through and thoroughly search all property and cells.

Late afternoon. Our first sack meals have only now been handed out. Two sandwiches. A cold hamburger patty and a peanut butter sandwich. Delicious . . . when you are hungry.


3 Responses to “DAY 053: Delicious . . . when you are hungry”

  1. Françoise Says:

    Shall I smile, or even laugh, because of the tone you are using or shall I cry because of the content of your message?
    What does all this mean? What for? This uncertainty must be so difficult to bear.
    Stinky monsters are usually very sympathetic, because so human (see King Kong!)
    With love… but at a respectable distance yet.

  2. Rhianon Says:

    Roy, I get lost for words reading your journal, I love you so so much and I miss you so bad. Hope that you can feel me thinking about you everyday. Love you allways, your Rhianon.

  3. derek leigh Says:

    well, i have read your enties upto day 52, and the only thing i am gonna say, is that your prison is not fit for animals to be kept in, and im glad we in the uk do not treat our people in this inhumane way. if i was the warden of your prison, i would make sure you a good decent living before the end arrived, this i am against and do not agree with the way the americans treat people, and i am sorry too hear of your situation, i hope you get this m8 and hang in there, again i am sorry that u r in there and i think the american justice needs a massive shake up and lose the death penalty and these so called death rows/cells….sounds too much like when germany took over the war and killed people within sight, i was and still are happy reading your post’s and all i can say is keep wring and best wishes. Derek

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