DAY 067: He definitely does not like me

October 27, 2008 | Monday

IT IS LATE now. Everything has quieted down and I am able to think clearly. First of all, I should say that I am not very proud of the language I used today. I will just say it as it was. Early this morning, a whole new cell/property search crew came on the cell block. Each of us was taken out of the cell and locked into the shower stall. A cell phone was found buried in the wall between the cell where I was and the cell next door. The same Death Row captain who spoke to me initially before I was put on Death Watch was present and upset. This new search crew were from other prison units and, after they passed, the captain decided to retaliate against me. Half of my property was tossed into the trash and swept away. Several times I attempted to speak with this captain civilly and then I lost control of my tongue. My friend Lucky from Germany would say it was the funny villain in my throat. I say my patience exhausted. He definitely does not like me now. I wish that phone had been mine.


2 Responses to “DAY 067: He definitely does not like me”

  1. Marianne Rasmussen Says:

    Dearest Roy, amazing that you have managed to be patient for this long considering what you’ve been put through… Anyone would have exhausted patience and taken to using his mouth in your predicament!! Incredible what insanity they pull down over your head, my friend. I wish for you that the cell phone had been yours, too, at least you would have had some pleasure from it before unjustly being scolded and robbed of half your property! Absurd…
    Love, Marianne

  2. Françoise Says:

    Dearest friend,
    You have so little yet, only a few treasures which are yours, and they took so much! Another unjust charge. You know, you had still something to prove to us : that you are a just normal human being (!). He does not like you?
    We, definitely, love you so much. Always on your side, the little sister.

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