DAY 082: I can hear the thunder. I really like that

November 11, 2008 | Tuesday

ANOTHER HOT meal? It’s breakfast time, so it’s approximately 3 o’clock in the morning. I know what you may be thinking. Because I have had that reaction before. “That early?” Yes. We are fed breakfast that early.:-) These people are crazy. I know it! Ha Ha.

We are officially off lock-down status. The recreation cages are being used again. It has been a month since the 24-hour lock-up began and, for me, no respite.

I still have my beard and they do not like it at all. I have lost count of the times they have ordered me to shave. Even the Death Row warden had his say. I know the consequences. They’ll hate me still and keep me locked in this management cell until my execution date, regardless. Both mentally and physically, I am prepared for it. I have cracks around the door, so I can communicate in that way through written messages or, if I raise my voice a few decibels. 🙂

David Martinez (Sumo) is in the recreation area now. He has called my name twice because he has a note for me but I was writing and ignored him. Ha Ha. Got to get my message.

Last Friday, another man was brought to Death Watch. He is a friend, and called Sawman. Why?  You should see that set of teeth. Hugh smile. He would not like me telling you that! Ha Ha. Other messages came from friends who are also on Death Row but not on Death Watch. They only wanted me to now that they keep me in their prayers and hope I get a stay of execution. Some of those guys I have known for a long time.

I think I have said before that there is a window on the back wall of my cell? It’s maybe three inches wide and four foot long, horizontally. I am only able to see the opposing cellblock and nothing more. I have no idea who is behind those windows. I was standing on this table looking out at the rain. I can hear the thunder. I really like that. 


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