DAY 019: Musical cells

September 9, 2008 | Tuesday

CHARLES HOOD HAS got a stay of execution. The man and I have something in common: legal representation. His case helps my case. He will now be moved away soon. He is now in a cell with a camera mounted in it because he has come close to his execution date. His stay has been expected (the judge and district attorney were sleeping with each other during his trial), but one facing an actual date of execution cannot help getting anxious, I think.

Maverick is also being moved out and William Murray (Scooter) is being moved in next to me. Scooter is scheduled to be executed on the 17th, in only a week’s time. Musical cells. I’m glad for Charles and have now seen firsthand my attorney’s dedication. He pulled this man from the execution chamber’s eager welcome. Rare is the attorney who accomplishes that, and I’m fortunate that he’s on my side. Yes, I do believe that God watches over me.  Thank God for Richard Ellis and Tina Church*.

* Tina Church is a private investigator who dedicates herself to death penalty cases, pro bono. — JRP


7 Responses to “DAY 019: Musical cells”

  1. Isabelle Says:

    It is comforting to know you have Richard Ellis and Tina Church around you, Roy. I am grateful for them and for all who support you. Hope, always stay hopeful.

  2. Paloma Says:

    Dear Roy,
    I read your posts and think of you and pray for you every day. I wrote you a letter yesterday, I hope you can recieve it, not as the last one. I even have your picture near me 😉
    Keep your mind and heart free. Close your eyes and travel around the world, meet the people you love, say them what you need to say.
    Hello Isabelle, Roy told me about Juan and you. He really loves you two.
    A great kiss, Roy!

  3. louise Says:

    i read your diary and am constantly looking for updates. The strength you show is inspirational and its clear you have touched a lot of people.
    i have a friend on dr @ polunsky who is in need of an investegator….you mentioned Tina Church is a private investegator……or is she only doing it as a friend for you. i cant research to much for him as im in the uk.

  4. Françoise Says:

    I am so glad to see that you are so positive, Rogelio.
    There are so many reasons to hope, aren’t they?
    Thanks to you, Rogelio’s nearest and faithfull friends

  5. Kiki Says:

    Rogelio, your ‘musical cell’ left me amused and inspired. I am just back from a week filled to the brim with singing, I went for a choral holiday and much inspiring, uplifting and deep music was ‘worked’ and then transmitted in three concerts. The effect on one’s soul is just amazing. I wish more people could have this experience.
    It seems that things are presently looking a tad rosier for you and your friend. GOOD! May more positive and uplifting moments occur in your lives.
    Thank You for writing this…
    With musical greetings and a song on my lips

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  7. deathwatchjournal Says:

    Checked and the photos seem to work OK. Sorry.

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