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Message from Rogelio

November 30, 2008

Dear Reader:

Before you begin to read further into this journal, I would like you to know this one thing: This journal began with one purpose in mind. I was uncertain how I would react to my execution date being scheduled, as in the past I have suffered from severe bouts of depression. I wanted to keep my friends informed of what I was going through. And so, this site was created. Granted, my friends have multiplied. However, the purpose remains the same. Positive comments and communications are welcomed, but if you are no friend, I will kindly ask you to log out.

Thank you,

Rogelio Reyes Cannady


New entries posted

November 22, 2008

Days 86-87 have now been posted-JRP

Will Rogelio’s journal continue?

November 18, 2008

Several people have asked if Rogelio will continue writing his journal now that he has a stay of execution. I do not know. It will be up to him. As long as he wants to continue writing and sending it to me, I will continue posting his entries. — JRP

Rogelio gets a stay of execution!

November 17, 2008

I just learned that a judge this morning granted Rogelio a stay of execution until March 2009! His family and Isabelle are either in Livingston or on their way there to visit him. — Juan

A note about comments

November 16, 2008

Since the Reuters story about Rogelio began appearing in various publications, this blog has received numerous comments from people all over the world. Many of them you have read here. Others you will never read, unless the people who wrote them find a way to post them elsewhere. As the gatekeeper to this blog, I decided I would only allow comments from those who were sympathetic to Rogelio or those who perhaps were not but were genuinely interested in having a serious conversation about the Death Penalty, or wished to pose a question to Rogelio. Unfortunately, along with the good comments, I also got a number of childish and cruel comments that I immediately deleted. Several of the writers would not give up, writing the same venom-filled remarks over and over again. Others complained that I was stifling free speech. To them, all I have to say is, too bad. There are plenty of places on the internet on which you can post your idiotic drivel. This will not be one of them.


Rogelio responds to comments

November 14, 2008


Ann Chapman: This journal has become something I never expected, you are right about that. It has become an avenue of expression for me and I am surprised by the response. Juanski has been the biggest part. I don’t know where my future lies, but I will continue being the “me” that you know. I am happy that you are with me. Love you back, CITA! 

Francoise: Hey, Fanfan. What is that name about? I still have soap. -) Wish I had more stamps and some tacos! Ha! I will, though. Where there is a will there is a way. Smile. Ulyssses? Yes, Chabela tole me about him years ago.

Marianne: What?! You watched the Cowboys game for me?!! You just moved closer to my heart! -)
Corrine: You are so right about living well. Our future may be uncertain, but always there are things to look forward to, huh?

Carmen: Que tal, mi guera? Come estas? Hope work and translating the journal into German does not have you exhausted! Por ser una maravillosa mujer, gracias. Pur tu carino, mil gracias. Y sin razon, un gigante abrazo!

Paloma: Done estas, amiga, que no oigo de ti?~ Espero que todo este bien contigo! Tu amigo, Roy

Art: Your faith sets a good example and mine will not flicker during thes most trying of times. God will have the last say and I am at peace with it. I’m actually doing better than I thought, smiling and laughing more often than one would think. God bless.

Tina: Got your card. Think I’ve hit my stride! I am healed completely, only now I’m starving. -) If it works out, “the stay” it will be because two people cared, Richard and you. Expose the truth of my case, Tina. I’m keeping the faith. Always.

Rhianon: Don’t be speechless after reading an entry. If you feel anger, strap on your little battle boots and think of ways to make things better. Love you more. -) Your Roy

Jenna Orkin: You assess the death penalty bluntly and truthfully. It is exactly that, murder. Very straightly, people should know. Thanks for the jolt and more for the truth of your words, all of what you said. Any advice? You seem well acquainted with the subject. How?

Inma: Que sorpresa! Mi corazon palpita al ritmo de tantos buenos pensamientos. Dios tendra la ultima palabra y yo estoy en paz con eso. Estoy tranquilo. Le agradezco sus buenos deseos. Gracias!

Jean-Baptisite: Your message means a lot to me. I have pictures of you at an early age but my favorites are of you dressed in uniform making peace signs. Knowing about you through the years has been a gift to me. It warms my heart that you are doing well and that you make Isa proud. It’s what matters. Don’t worry about me. Just smile when you think of me. I may tune into that positive vibe. My best to you.

Lucky: The rascal in my neck got me into trouble last week. The Death Row captain does not know about the rascal in our neck! -( Got the money you sent. Do you have a key to the front door? Ha Ha. Take care. I am still here.

Kiki: I have read your messages. Merci Beaucoup. I cannot receive a radio, but it’s OK, Kiki. I am well, really. I am not allowed anything and so you have an idea why my sense of humor is yet intact? They cannot take that from me. They can’t remove me from who I am nor can they have my beard! Smile.

Shawn: I don’ know you, but it is enough to know that you care and hold vigil for those unfortunate ones who are killed by the state. You must know Will Bolin? He stands out there also. For all those who have gone, thanks. I’ve known many of them.

To Forgive

November 12, 2008

(Isabelle asked that I post this poem. Given the cruelty that is taking place inside the prison walls at Polunsky and other units, and the inhumanity of the judicial system, I suppose we all need to learn how to be better forgivers. — JRP)


Those who forgive are the healers of humanity.

Rather than turning over offence or harm,

Rather than dreaming of revenge,

They stop the evil to themselves,

They exhaust its venom.


Although they could keep their fists clenched,

They open generous hands.

Deep in their heart sorrow and rancor end up overwhelmed by kindness.


Forgiveness is the most powerful action a man can fulfill.

The event that could have been the cause of an increasing brutality in the world,              helps the growing of love.


People who know how to forgive transform their own wounds.

There, where they are, they heal the wound that disfigured the face of humanity since its origins: violence.


The man who forgives resembles Jesus.


The man who forgives makes God present. 


       Gérard Bessière (Prier avec les mots de tous les jours)


Rogelio, writing his journal

November 4, 2008
Rogelio asked that I post this image, from a post card sent to him by Isabelle. She found it at a shop specializing in fairies and tales and it reminded her of him, writing his journal. -- JRP

Rogelio asked that I post this image, from a post card sent to him by Isabelle. She found it at a shop specializing in fairies and tales and it reminded her of him, writing his journal. -- JRP