DAY 051: He wanted me to have something

October 11, 2008 | Saturday

HEY! HEY! I WAS just out walking and stretching again. 🙂 Another Saturday and the hallway speaker crackled. It is advising those who have visits scheduled to be ready later today when visits start. My name was not called, nor was anybody’s on this section. Joey is in the recreation area and he is calling me.

He was not talking about anything important. At times, I think that he just wants to hear himself talk! 🙂 I’m cool with that. He talked until his recreation time ran out. If you could see Joey, he looks really young. He has an Opie style about himself. He is a far cry from looking like a threat. Since I have known him, never has he been a problem, even when he is stepped on. This is what angers me about the way the death penalty is inflicted. We are supposed to be unredeemable and a total threat. It is why we are to be executed. Totally wrong. Joey timidly got on the bars to slide some pens to me that Alvin wanted me to have. Alvin also sent me some writing paper and envelopes to send out letters. He wanted me to have something. This is crazy. It just is.


3 Responses to “DAY 051: He wanted me to have something”

  1. Art Taylor Says:

    Hello Roy
    Redeemably or not it does not matter God has accepted you through the blood of His Son so that is all that matters. I and many other Christians have also accepted you and love you. So stay strong.

  2. Françoise Says:

    Solidarity is still relevant between you : you are listening to Alvin and Joey when they need to talk and Joey is making as go-between for Alvin and you.
    Art is right when he says that no one is irredeemable in the eyes of God. Because He knows the very depths of his children heart.
    With much love and prayers

  3. Kiki Says:


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