My spirit and sanity remain intact

May 11, 2010 | Tuesday

I AM SO tired but sleep will not claim me. When sleep does come, it seems that I am only halfway in, battling to stop my thoughts. I do not recall ever having slept like this when I was free. I don’t think. Anyhow. It is what it is and as I have heard before the sun will set and rise again tomorrow. Moments of imbalance are common to us all. Some do not recognize them. It is so early that I doubt anybody is up. Or maybe they are. It’s really quiet. It would not take noise to have somebody up, in thought. Both Kevin

Vargas and Bill Calloway are scheduled for execution in consecutive days. Kevin is set for Wednesday, only a bit over a day’s time, and Billy on the following day. They could possible be up right now although I do not hear them. I am scheduled to be executed in the following week and here you find me pushing my pencil around. My situation seems surreal, like a horrible nightmare that began 20 years ago. The ex-prosecutor’s admission of the taped conversation is something that I have dreamed of and struggled with. Twenty years. My spirit and sanity remain intact.


One Response to “My spirit and sanity remain intact”

  1. Kiki Says:

    Oh Rogelio…. it didn’t get you to the end you dreamt of though….. But where you’re now you can do all your dreaming, without the struggle and you surely will look down on this earth and world when you’ll see that you will be cleared – eventually – but by then you wouldn’t want to come back!
    RIP – and help those who love you to be able to keep THEIR spirit up and their sanity intact! 🙂

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