What would go though a condemned man’s mind?

May 10, 2010 | Monday

ANOTHER WEEK STARTS today. Monday. The days seem to become shorter now. Only 9 days before my execution date. I have told myself that I will keep steady in my blogging but this prison routine seems stale to speak of. I did get to go out and stretch for an hour today.

What would go though a condemned man’s mind when he gets to within sight of his execution date? I can not speak for others but, myself, I have not given myself up for dead. I remain optimistic that the judge who set the execution date will allow us to review the taped conversation in full. The taped conversation has been located but the local judicial authorities are not allowing us to review them…after all these years of their denial that this taped conversation exists. Why deny my right to review these tapes? I will tell you why: the state’s investigator, Mr. Alvarado, not only told two DAs (Luis Saenz and Benjamin Euresti) about having lied and perjured himself in his testimony about me but he told the judge himself about his lies and perjury! This was before they sentenced me to prison. They were fully aware that they were sending me to prison unjustly.


2 Responses to “What would go though a condemned man’s mind?”

  1. wackytacky02 Says:

    Roelio is definitely on to something…..It cannot be dismissed as a rant of a condemned man…..Times magazine featured a story on Project Innocence…..it talks about prisoners who may have been wrongly executed due to faulty procedures of criminal justice system….below is the link


  2. Kiki Says:

    Yeah, Rogelio put his finger where it hurt those unjust judges…. that’s why he didn’t get another referral …. and that is why we MUST NOT give in nor give up….

    Thank you Wackytacky for the link; it made sobering but also interesting reading… I feel the world MUST KNOW and MUST REACT to this practice. There is enough crime, hate, revenge and tragedy and if we can do anything at all to reduce it by even only a shade, we should do it!

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