That’s love

May 9, 2010 | Sunday

THESE TACOS IN my cell really do taste great. Still in this isolation cell but hunger has given meaning to ingenuity. My neighbor, John Alea, is a good man. J. Through a crack in the door and one at a time … it’s a good day. Earlier today I was conversating with John about life. John is over 50 yeas of age and obviously more experienced about life than I. This week his daughter Sabrina came to visit him and he was telling me about his love for his children. I have no children that I know of and always have wondered how men who do stay sane. John says that it hasn’t been easy but as best as he could he has remained in contact wit them. Sabrina’s bus rides form Dallas to her aunt’s in Austin so she could be brought to see him in her teen-age years: That’s love. Reminds me of my mother’s visits as far a family goes. Love…it’s a word that means so much and I apologize for confining it to this. In your own words, you can undoubtedly give justice to this word, love. What’s your story? A love story? P.S. To all the mothers out there, happy Mothers Day!


4 Responses to “That’s love”

  1. Clara Says:

    John Alba is a brave man. I wrotte him..
    His execution is schedule on May 25.. The supreme court denied any clemency and life sentence.. I pray for him..

  2. Françoise Says:

    We are really very sorry for John Alba, for his family, his daughter Sabrina who will suffer so deep pain, and for you, dear Clara.
    I hope that he, too, feels ready for his “departure”, and serene. Feeling true love makes of you a good human being. Our Father will recognize him!
    Our prayers go to him and to all his beloved.
    Keep strong. You are not alone.
    Thinking of him and of you with affection,

  3. Kiki Says:

    Yes Clara and all who love John Alba…. I read this on the day before his execution…. Love suffers!
    I am all with Françoise – I hope too that John will be ‘ready’; as ready as can be – and that his beloved ones can carry on without him… There is so much pain heaped on the already suffered pain.

  4. Marie Says:

    One day I saw in internet a site concerning pen pals with a prisoner and there was an advice.. “never forget that this person will be execute one day, so prepar yourself “.. And we are never prepare to lose someone.. Never.. untill the end hopeless still live in our minds.. I think that we can´t imagine that something so cruel can be real… in my last letter I sent to John an image of a saint and told him to keep it in his heart untill the last minute… I just realise now that the saint never wrote him .. and i cant do miracles… I dont know if prayers are enough… I just know Françoise and Kiki that tomorrow a very brave man with a big hear will feel the fear he hadread in the eyes of others men before executions, all along this years.. Justice kill us too a little more after each execution… Iam not sad.. Iam terribly sad… I miss John and will miss…

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