The taped conversation has been located but I am still scheduled to be executed

Note: This is one of several blog entries I received in the mail from Rogelio about an hour before he was executed. I will be posting them over the next several days. — Juan

May 7, 2010 | Friday

I AM WAITING for an escort team to take me out into a booth at the visitation area. I have been advised that I have a legal telephone call. My anxiety shot straight up at hearing the speaker crackle and my name being called. I was advised of a legal phone call and obviously I am anxious for an update on my legal status, so …

Walking out into the large hallway that runs the length of this building, I saw for myself all the metal piping and wires being installed for the forthcoming cameras. I was assaulted by so many visuals! People going and coming from different departments and security. More important, I was escorted to the visitation area where a lazy officer sat fixing her wig. I was placed in a booth and after she got her wig fixed, she made my legal phone call…my attorney (Richard Ellis) came on the line. Right before the call was placed I had managed to distract myself and my anxiety was forgotten. All that anxiety leapt into my throat at hearing my attorney’s voice. Ellis’ update began with a greeting and then he told me that they (my legal team) have found Elizabeth and other very important evidence concerning my innocence. Elizabeth has confirmed to my attorney that she was threatened and viciously harassed by the authorities…she was forced into implicating me in a double murder that she actually had no knowledge of. Also, a grand juror was found who sat in on proceedings related to charges being brought against me. This grand juror also states that they were directed by the judge to bring these murder charges against me. Most important is that the taped conversation between the investigator who accused me, the district attorneys and the judge himself have been located. The taped conversation has been located but I am still scheduled to be executed on the 19th of May.


2 Responses to “The taped conversation has been located but I am still scheduled to be executed”

  1. Kiki Says:

    OMG…. sigh…. 🙂
    Too late for this soul – if it wouldn’t have involved the life our our friend, it would indeed have made a novel of unheard of suspension. I had and have the distinctive feeling that the State Attorneys wanted to get rid of this ‘problematic’ prisoner. Well, they got it all wrong because I believe that Rogelio’s friends and attorneys will make sure that more and more and even more people will stand up to prevent more executions – and I am sure that proofs of his innocence will be brought to day… even it’s not helping him or his family and fiancée any more!
    Thank you Juan for posting… It must absolutely rip your heart apart every time you find something else in the post by Rogelio! Have strength, you too!!!

  2. Kiki Says:

    sorry, I meant not a smile but a 😦
    my fingers don’t obey, I am in such a state!

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