AP story on Rogelio’s execution: “I’m going to sleep now”

Published: 31 minutes ago

HUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP) – Condemned Texas inmate Rogelio Cannady was executed Wednesday evening for killing his cellmate while already serving two life sentences for a double murder.

Cannady, 37, from Harlingen, didn’t deny fatally beating 55-year-old Leovigildo Bonal with a belt and padlock in October 1993, but he insisted the attack at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice McConnell Unit in Beeville was self defense from Bonal’s sexual advances.

In the death chamber he smiled and nodded to his brother, a niece and three friends he selected to witness his death and told them repeatedly he loved them.

“I’m going to be OK,” he said as they watched through a window. “Y’all take care of yourself … May God have mercy on my soul.”

As he waited for the drugs to take effect, he laughed and lifted his head from the gurney.

“I thought it was going to be harder than this,” he said, grinning. “I’m going to sleep now. I can feel it. It’s affecting me.”

Then he began snoring.

Eight minutes later, at 6:19 p.m. CDT, he was pronounced dead.

Cannady walked to the death chamber about 30 minutes after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected an appeal that his confession in the 1990 murders of two teenage runaways in the Rio Grande Valley was coerced, meaning Cannady should have never been imprisoned in the first place.


20 Responses to “AP story on Rogelio’s execution: “I’m going to sleep now””

  1. Petra Says:


  2. RWKGL05 Says:

    I share the grief with you and his family, my heart is heavy and angry at the system. Working in the legal field I get to hear many conversations, many times attorneys just trying to process their cases in their minds or with a fellow colleague.

    Today and for the first time learned about Rogelio Cannady, never heard about his cases; and quickly googled him ..perhaps curiosity of what the outcome would be…( I know he had a passionate lawyer for a fact and tried all that he could for this last time). I cannot even tell you how many times last week he crossed my path with out knowing it. I promise you I would have known I would have been praying for his stay.

    I hope in some ironic way he has the last laugh; while he may have laughed a few times at his own self, perhaps out of his anxiety as mentioned in the blogs. I do hope that that injustice of the legal system that got him on death row is discovered and from where ever he is.. he gets to laugh at the people that got him there. Karma he might say….

  3. Matt Says:

    Go with god..we will all be there sooner or later. You have paid for the crime…everybody needs to let him rest in peace now.

  4. Yvette Holden Says:


  5. Eliazabeth Tamayo (Tia) Says:

    R.I.P Roy you were a hero in my eyes because your website touched alot of lives…..You are in a better place now, pray for us…You are in God’s arms now and no one can hurt you…

  6. Tabitha Says:

    Rest In Peace my dear friend Rogelio. I was blessed to have had your friendship for the past two years. Tonight I spent a few hours going through old letters and cards from you. I have the most recent photo that you sent me in March and it will forever remind me of your beautiful smile. I am so glad that you left this Earth with a grin and I know that you entered the Kingdom of Heaven with that same grin. I hope that it was an amazing reunion with your mother tonight. While I will miss you, I know that I will see you again when it’s my time to come home. I hope that your face is the first I see. I will see you when I get there! I love you Rogelio.

  7. Claire Says:

    I also only knew Roy from reading this blog. He amazed me how strong he was. His writings have touched me and after reading his letters it has made me stronger. If he can be in the worst situation and have that kind of attitude, a positive outlook so can I. I never got to meet him & I’ve been thinking about him all day b/c of the event that happened today. The only thing I can do for him is pray for his soul. We all need prayer. Claire

  8. wackytacky02 Says:

    R.I.P. Roy…..like they say, remebering is a dream that comes in waves….I never knew you personally, but your strength of character is very much evident from your blog posts…..I admire your guts in staring in the face of death and still being able to smile……Over the last one year, I have followed your writings and they really touched my heart, even changed a litlle bit of me for the better….for that I owe you my gratitude…now that you are gone, it’s time for your memories to waft by leaving sweet fragrance behind……and do not forget, that we will always remember you. Adios, Roy!!

  9. Christine Says:

    Dear Juan,
    Dear others,

    All is done now, for Rogelio.
    But there are many other inmates on death row all over the USA. I also think of them and their families. With our possibilities, we all have to fight against death penalty, like Juan did by this blog who opened so many eyes,so things like Rogelio’s execution couldn’t take place any more.
    God gives us the strength to go on and to share love with all human beings around us.

  10. Kiki Says:

    Dear all
    Me too, I have been enriched by Rogelio’s texts, thoughts, his insights and his ‘joie de vivre’ in those dire circumstances. We will continue to pray for his soul to find the way into the beautiful realms of heaven. If anybody has to forgive him for anything they should do it now and Rogelio has to forgive all those who did him wrong.
    As Christine so rightly says; there are many, many others who need our support. Death Sentences are wrong; this must stop and Roy did a lot to make people aware of the wrongs – we now must do what WE can so that death penalties are forbidden EVERYWHERE worldwide…
    But we also have to search within ourselves as never to condemn anybody because…. we just might not know EVERYTHING.
    RIP dear friend, may your family, friends, beloved ones all over the world get consolation from the fact that – during the time I knew you – you did great things to improve this world! Tons of love and continuing prayers for you and all in dire situations.

  11. Françoise Says:

    Dearest friend,
    May your last stay be luminous, peaceful and friendly with your beloved owns up there.
    I know that our Father was waiting for you with impatience and that He received you with open arms. You know, every day he is hearing terrible things and sufferings, from all around this world. We are a little a bit inclined to forget that He loves to laugh too and that He was appreciating so much your sense of humor! I think you will have a great time up there.
    And think about, dear Roy, in your letters you were always joking and complaining about “cleaning your cell and washing your clothes “: now, the Angels will take care of this for you and wash your “White Toga”! Your letters made me cry so often but often smile and laugh too.

    We miss you so much, Roy. When the tears will dry up, we will have so many records of you, of your childhood memories, of small Roy swimming with his brothers, taken away from the stream in his inner tube, lying on the grass and looking happily at the sky and the sun, running madly “on his small legs”, because he was afraid that the Devil could catch him…

    Reserve places for us, Roy! One day or the other, we will meet and continue our chats, forever!
    Thank you again for all what you brought to us, dear Roy.
    With love, Chesca

    PS : a lot of affectionate and support thoughts to Roy’s dear family, to Norma, Tina, Richard, dear Isabelle and Juan and all the others who helped our Roy to live, to survive, to go on, day after day, bearing the unbearable.
    With love

  12. Françoise Says:

    Thank you to Christine and Kiki to remind us of all the others inmates enduring the same shame that our friend. Death Sentences must stop.
    Our present deep pain must not let us forget them.
    Our prayers will report themselves onto other prisoners and persons “who decide”.
    It helps, reading all your warm words.

  13. derek leigh Says:

    I made it a first port of call to read this post this morning, and firstly i am saddened that he was executed, but now at peace and free from within those wall’s, I have found every day post ive read on this intresting, sometimes hard, but not once have i missed a chapter, secondly a big massive thanks goes to you MICHAEL GRACZYK for bringing us the final closure on this and bringing us up to date on his behalf, and please pass on warm wishe’s too his family and friend’s alike, his writing’s will be greatly missed…….Thank you for all your hard work in editing these chapter’s so that other people can share and take heed at what has happened. R.I.P Rogelio

  14. Claudia Says:

    Rest in Peace

    I hope the Day will come when the USA stopp all the executions forever.
    Death Penalty is not the right way.

  15. john Says:

    Of course Death Penality is not the right way. I am French from Paris. In my contry and evrywhere in EEC, we don’t have Death Penality since 1981 ( for France )

    The workers of Death Penality ( warden ) are for me criminal people.

    Mr Rick Perrick is perhaps the larger criminal of Texas…


  16. Tabitha Says:

    Christine / Kiki –

    You are absolutely correct. The fight against the death penalty cannot stop here. Rogelio gave a human face to “death row inmate” and through him many people realized that the death penalty is not the right way to go. He is the second person that I have corresponded with that has been executed. These men and women need our help. Our system is corrupt, it wrongfully sends minorities, the poor, the uneducated and the mentally challenged to death row, often times for crimes in which they are not guilty of…. We have to keep fighting.

  17. Paul Says:

    Not sure if the webmaster will allow this to be posted… but since the victims have not been mentioned… prayers to them and to their families also.



  19. Kiki Says:

    Heartfelt thanks to MICHAEL GRACZYK – I meant to thank you for sharing your most precious thoughts with us and then I sent my reply off….
    Your openness and kindness is greatly appreciated. It gave us peace and a moment of rest and comfort.

    Paul; Of course we pray for the victims and their families. Only in this particular case, the future will prove that Rogelio was innocent. If you read his whole diary you’ll see for yourself. And one crime is never made good with another crime. We should leave the final judgment to a higher power than a State judge. Thank you for your thoughts to this matter.

  20. K @ FIN Says:

    Rest in peace. I’m out of words.

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