To the morons who keep attempting to post their sick comments here:

You can keep on trying as long as you want, but your evil thoughts will never make it onto the pages of this blog as long as I am the gatekeeper. I must say I feel sorry for you. What miserable existences you must lead to take joy in attempting to post cruel and sadistic comments on a condemned man’s blog site. Do you really think that I’d allow him or his friends to be exposed to what your simple minds emit? Go ahead, write whatever you want (actually, I’m surprised you can write at all), if it gives your emply lives pleasure. I will continue to take great pleasure in killing each of them as they come in. — Juan


15 Responses to “To the morons who keep attempting to post their sick comments here:”

  1. gord Says:

    I concur Juan, I think if these people would actually read the blog they could not help but have compassion.

  2. Clara Says:

    Hello Juan,

    Just deleted their comments ! Don´t care about them ! They are just poor and limited persons !

  3. derek leigh Says:

    I for once have read this blog from day 1 on here right up to the last one in May 2010, it saddens me that a country like America can treat their inmates in such a bad way, and even worse for the deathrow inmates, some of the blog entries are very hard to digest and i for one have to have a tough stomach in order to continue reading, sometimes it can become very powerful, but the everyday writings are well worth the every day readings. I am sorry that time is running out and wish i could wave a magic wand and free you from that hell hole, sadly if the worst does happen, i hope u have a safe journey and then you be free in paradise….best wishes and warm regards to your family.

  4. Christine Says:

    I am with you. Don’t care about the insanities some can say or write. Agree with Clara : poor and limited persons. Also with Derek : by the stories from other members of Lifespark, what my pen pal tells me and this blog, I think the whole justice system of the USA is running mad.
    I think of you all and wish this all would stop.
    Friendly yours

  5. Lauren Says:

    Did I read correctly that Rogelio has been given a stay?
    I hope that this is correct.
    I keep reading this website in the hope that one day you will report that he has been taken off DR.
    Until that day, I will keep reading.
    While I cannot do anything more for him, at least I can continue to read his words, and try to understand his story.

    Executions are not generally reported here in Australia, so I will be keeping an eye on the web, hoping to hear good news.

    Stay strong.
    I’m not a religious person, but I will be sending prayers your way Rogelio, because you deserve more time in this life….a lot more time.

  6. Virginia Says:

    Thinking of you and so sorry to hear that people might write unkind words on your blog. I know everyone in the States, able to help you receive a stay, are working as hard as possible to see that the outcome will be positive for you. In reading all of your comments we are very proud of you and proud to be able to share these difficult moments with you. Keep up your courage, God CAN work miracles !! Sending love and all our very best wishes to you and your loved ones.

  7. Kiki Says:

    I can’t believe this…. a man is a day short of being killed by the State and we have to deal with ‘stuff’ like this! Rogelio; I do hardly anything else but thinking of you, praying for you and praying hard and long for all those uncounted and often unknown others who need that extra strength. If you must go, dear friend – and I still hope for a miracle – it will be not because the State of Texas decides so but because God has other plans for you… But for now, I just hope…..
    In any case, I am immeasurably thankful to have been able to learn so much about things that MUST change and I learned that – whatever ‘men’ might think and decide – you are a wonderful person and have developed a richness in thoughts, comprehension, faith, yes, faith too – so much depth, so much enlightenment…. you are setting an example and very high standards, my friend!
    God be continually with you – and so are we little powerless humans.
    Big hug
    Kiki xoxoxoxo

  8. Prodp Says:

    Hello everyone!

    First of all, I am in principal pro deathpenalty, simply because there are certain crimes that qualify for it.

    On the other side I am very much against the provoking messages from other pro deathpenalty people on this or any other board, mainly because most of them (just like me) do not know the true story. It is a sad way of trying to prove their “heroism” to other prodp people.

    Anyways, I can tell you that it is very hard to find a way between fanatic prodp and fanatic antidp people. You often see that prodp people mainly ignore the rights and feelings of the convict / prisoner and family / friends. On the other side, the antidp people seem to very often forget about the actual victims and their families / friends.

    Stay strong everybody.


  9. Rachel Robles Says:

    Hi, I was just informed of Rogelio’s date (tomorrow) does anyone know if these comments actually get to him? I received a phone call early this morning telling me about him and informing he is related. Please let me know if there is any other way of reaching him before tomorrow.

    with love,

    • deathwatchjournal Says:

      Rachel, I do not know if he will be able to see these responses. I could email them to his loved ones but I doubt they’ll have access to a printer. I am sorry you just heard about this. — Juan

  10. Kiki Says:

    Juan, I have been checking and re-checking my mail, expecting, no – hoping for a ‘press release’ of Rogelio’s death sentence being lifted – again…. It doesn’t look like!!!
    We both, my husband and I, have been and are continuing to send our thoughts and prayers to God and him…. knowing that we can do no more (although nobody must think that this is nothing, because we know differently).
    If Roy’s loved ones will get our ‘comments’, now or later – I would like to add some thoughts later, when I am able to formulate them coherently. For now – I am dumb-folded, hurting, as if my brother would have to go to eternity….

  11. Yvette Holden Says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how the ‘good upstanding citizens’ think its ok to abuse those condemned to die! Deathrow prisoners are denied the basic human rights, from the minute they are condemned to die they will never touch a person again, will be held in solitary and treated like dirt. When the judge and jury sentenced these people they sentenced them to die, not death and torture! Everything is acceptable when done in the name of justice, the good people act worse than those they condemn some of the things they post are disgusting and sick! Do they forget they will pay the ultimate price for their crimes…Justice.. the death penalty is a barbaric law most of these men are no threat to society in another country they would be getting released America make them serve a life sentence then murder them. I hope Roy gets a stay, peace to Roy and his loved ones.

  12. Petra Says:

    My thoughts are with Roy and his loved ones. I cannot imagine what they must be going through at this hour. I know in my heart that what ever happens Roy will be ok. I will be thinking about Roy all day…he is not alone! I don’t know what I’m more sad or outraged…I just can’t believe that Texas continues to commit planned murders in the name of the law. Juan, please let Roy’s loved ones know that they are in my thoughts. Thank you for posting all of Roy’s blogs…I’ve gained so much insight into what live on Texas death row is like. A life that is hard and painful to imagine. All my love to Roy and his loved ones.

  13. Clara Says:

    This blog has been the first I read.. I think I will not do this anymore because its hard.. I cant imagine myself to feel what I feel all along the day.. A Powerlessness feeling … I want to send of my love and prayers to Rogelio.. Juan want you to know that what you want for Rogelio has been very beautiful. Good bye

  14. lee Says:

    i just wanted to say that i feel for you
    when you commited your crimes you were only
    18 yrs old at the time ( still just a kid in my eyes..

    you are now a adult and i can see that you are a completly
    different person now..
    good luck for the future

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