The separation is agonizing at times…

May 1st, 2010 | Saturday

It is another long quiet night here on death watch.  I have no idea what time it is although it must be close to midnight.  My expected visit did not arrive and I am wondering what was the cause.  Life cannot be easy out there for our family and loved ones.  The separation is agonizing at times…  The night will run it’s course and another morning will come.

[Norma writes:  The unit denied the visit Rogelio was expecting and should have been able to receive from his family. ]


3 Responses to “The separation is agonizing at times…”

  1. Clara Says:

    Dear Rogelio,

    I have no words to express my feelings. I just want to tell you that I will pray for you and Iam sure somewhere a God hear my prayers and be next to you.

    I see a member of my family died by the way of cancer. And her last words were ” Dont cry for me because I will rest in peace and will discover the real life” She smiled and after seconds her breath stoped.

    She was 17 years old and she wrote a diary each day. We were very surprised when we discovered how strong she was untill her death.

    I dont know but by the way of her words I understand that something very pure confort her. Something that I cant see. She saw a light and this light gave her the feeling that after her death the real life start.

    I hope Rogelio that God will listen to me. My prayers are for you.

    Never forget that you are a special person and a lot of persons have you in their hearts.

    With Respect


  2. Virginia Says:

    Dear Rogelio,
    I left a message on a previous date and hope you saw it – just so you know that we are continuing to think of you and pray that those who have received your message can continue to see that justice is done.
    We are thinking of you and praying that your situation will be reversed tomorrow or Tuesday.
    With prayers and love to you and yours,

  3. Françoise Says:

    Roy, my dear friend, I came back this morning from Sicily, hoping that I would get good news from Chabela.
    You have been so near from me during those five days, always in my mind, all day long. I visited so many beautiful churches (santa Lucia, santa Rosalia, santa Rita, santa Agata and, of course, so many santa Maria. I concentrated myself strongly, trying to send you some sparkles of that beauty, of the peace, the serenity, compassion and love coming out of those paintings. In every one, a fervent prayer, a candle lighted.

    You are so much loved in this world and even more in the Other. In November 2008, we already evoked this eventual “journey” which we all will face one day and which you may face within the next hour. I am quite sure your strong spirit must be ready, even one can never be ready for the unthinkable. Don’t forget : we are forming a chain, a very long chain all over the five continents, who will accompany you… if and when you leave. Because until the last moment, I will hope.
    We love you so much, dear Roy.
    God bless you and loves you, as we do.

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