I am isolated but aware…

April 29th, 2010 | Thursday

For being in this isolation cell I cannot see much of anything.  However, I hear very well.  I have learned to adapt to my environment.  I recognize voices and attach names to them almost as well as recognizing someone’s face.  I hear steel doors crashing shut and and can distinguish what door was likely exited.  I am isolated but aware.  I hear irregular noises and know that something is happening which isn’t normal in the day’s bustle.  Even my sense of smell tells me things although I may be kept in isolation…  In the air there is a slight smell of pepper gas.  Somebody is out in the recreation cage and I am able to communicate with them through a crack in the door.  Well, he just confirmed that a death row prisoner was sprayed with pepper gas out in the large hallway that extends the length of this building.  My nose is sensitive to pepper gas and food. 

For days I have heard the sounds of  drills and have caught  glimpses of men dressed in matching shirts.  Signs of cameras being installed on death row are evident everywhere…  To overlook who?  Guess.  Death row prisoners was your guess?  You may have guessed wrong.  The security cameras are more for the officers than for us!  You ought to know how ironic that is.  It’s funny because this whole place is a joke and a scam…  Tours come through and I have stood and listened to the lies.  Death Row is not where you heard the whistles, the hooting and hollering.  The trouble here is deliberate and calculated by the administration. 

In fact it’s so laid back in here that last year as a ranking officer stood and lied to a large group of rookie officers the mood seemed too… eerily quiet?  The rookies stood in wide eyed wonder at the horrors death row prisoners were supposed to put them through.  Cowboy Roy kicked the steel door as hard as I could and the ranking officer almost jumped out of his uniform.  Turning to the cell door he glared and the rookie class began to smile and then quietly laugh as we in our cells laughed uncontrollably.  What a joke.  Retirees work here as Death Row Officers because the economy has gotten them back into the workforce.  These officers are safer working among death row than in the general prison population.  If anything, it’s they who abuse us!


One Response to “I am isolated but aware…”

  1. Kiki Says:

    It’s all SO sad…. I wonder if the truth EVER comes through ANYWHERE at all…. Hope you didn’t hurt your foot kicking that steel door!

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