What a day this has been…

April 28, 2010 | Wednesday

I just found out that it is an hour before noon and am wondering about today’s expected media interview.  I don’t know what or who to expect…  I just do not know.  I have thought about all that needs to be said and doubt that he will believe.  That an investigator killed himself?  That the state prosecutors knew that he lied and perjured himself but still sent me to prison?  That the judge himself possibly knew?!  Hard to believe, I know.  This didn’t just begin.  I just had no way to prove it.  If this man is an investigative reporter I hope that I do sound outrageous to him.  My hope is that he will investigate what I will say to him.  At 12:00 noon on Wednesdays is when media visits are held.  That is today.

It’s 4:00 in the afternoon now.  I was looking at the clock on my way out of the visiting room.  That was roughly 10 minutes ago.  What a day this has been so far.  The reporter, I think that he seemed intrigued?  I watched as he wrote down alot of what I said but it just seemed that he was casting for something…  I don’t know.  However this goes I only hope that he attempts to verify things that I told him.  That he does not put me off as a lunatic and an unbelievable story without investigating what I have said.

I wasn’t the only one out there being interviewed…  This man who is next to me, Billy Galloway…  I have know Billy for years now although it has only been in brief moments because like others who have an escape case on their record, they are moved from cell to another cell every 2 weeks.  Billy has been next to me on several occasions.  The reporter took several pictures of both Billy and I.  He showed me on a digital screen the pictures he took of me.  I looked ugly… ugly, as in mean.  Angry?  Something like that.  He told me that I did not look threatening, unlike others he has interviewed.  Also said that my story was sad.  That surprised me because of my preconceived notions of media.  I just hope that he does in fact investigate what I have said.


3 Responses to “What a day this has been…”

  1. Ludger Wilp Says:

    Hi Roy,

    do you remember me, do you remember Ludger called Lucky?
    I found last informations about you by accident in internet today.

    I cannot believe that they will kill you. I was happy that you had gotten a stay. What can I do now? Where are all your friends?
    I had written my last letter to you many month ago but you didn´t anwer anymore?

    When does Texas abolish death penalty finally?
    It is scary and it is medievally. USA is the last western nation with death penalty. It is not modern. It is same worse like Iran, China, Syria …

    Dear Lord, heal their minds please. Let them become peaceful.
    Roy must live.

    Roy, I hope that you will read it.

    God bless you,


  2. Kiki Says:

    … so do we all!

  3. Nickie Says:

    I only just found out about your situation through a friend of Isabelle’s last week here in Switzerland and wrote to the respresentatives of the State of Texas to plead for you. We are all praying and hoping it will work.
    I met Darryl Burton last month in St. Louis. He was wrongly convicted of murder in 1984 and spent 24 years in jail before he was exonerated. He now spends his energy and time trying to help others in similar conditions, so I wrote to him too.
    Feel the love and positive thoughts of so many people coming your way.
    xx Nickie

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