Things have to be said, my struggle brought to light

April 27, 2010 | Tuesday

A MEDIA CONSENT form was brought to me yesterday while I laid on my bunk and stared up at the ceiling. I was lost in thought when an officer rattled the door to this cell. He asked if I wanted to talk to the media. I quickly said no, then changed my mind even quicker. Media?

I recall my arrival on Death Row in 1997. We were still housed in Huntsville. Back then Death Row prisoners were allowed to recreate together in a large area for 2 hours on weekdays. I was among a group when they were in uproar about a story that had just been printed. The subject of this story was in the crowd. The gist of their displeasure was how media will twist words to make us all look like monsters of the worst kind.

I HAVE NEVER really dealt with media but recall too well how the local media where I am from painted me. Not once did they even request to speak to me either. For so long I have kept a negative impression that has stopped me from speaking to the media. I decided to go out to this interview and say all that has transpired. Will my words be twisted? Things have to be said, my struggle brought to light somehow. How else will anybody ever know what has been kept secret for so long? My ignorance was exploited and I was unjustly convicted for a murder that I did not commit.


2 Responses to “Things have to be said, my struggle brought to light”

  1. Kiki Says:

    will we know? ever? you’ve now brought out all the things you had to say; now let’s firmly believe in a miracle – and that time is working FOR you and no longer against you!
    Love, Kiki

  2. From your Love one's Says:

    To a man who inspired us all who had a big heart and loved his family. A great injustice was done to Rogelio Cannady and now there is no way to bring him back, but God said” justice will pevail” and one day the truth shall set him free. Just because the law say one thing does’nt always means it’s true. Rogelio was a victim of the corupted justice system like many. In my heart and in many of the people I have spoken to Rogelio was innocent and will live forever in our hearts and memories. We loved you then and will always love you.

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