Cheating the executioner

April 18, 2010 | Sunday

SINCE I KNOW I have been scheduled for execution on May 19, it will be very soon that the prison administration will be informed and I will be relocated to the cells on Death Watch. I was just on that cellblock a little over a week ago. Death Watch actually consists of 14 cells that make up one section of a cellblock (or pod) with six sections, A through F. Death Watch is a section on a pod, cellblock A, and is isolated from the others on Death Row. Two of the cells on Death Watch have cameras so that the central control can watch those housed there. Why only two camera cells? Those two cells are meant for those two closest to their execution dates. The administration has had others very close to their execution cheat them out of the satisfaction of taking their lives by bleeding themselves to death. One, in particular stands out: Michael Johnson, who, in October 2007, slit his neck open and bled to death. What makes this one man stand out is that before he died, in his own blood, he proclaimed his innocence on the wall. I truly understand what Michael Johnson felt.


5 Responses to “Cheating the executioner”

  1. Alex walsh Says:

    There is no satisfaction in suicide, Rog. It’s a statement to your Creator that you reject His Mercy. It’s a serious sin. The Warden won’t care, but God does; don’t reject God for what man is doing to you.
    Trust the mercy of God…….Eternity is FOREVER. YOU choose where you will spend it; don’t cut your nose to spite your face. NO satisfaction in that!!

    With you to the end and beyond.

  2. Kiki Says:

    I can well understand that somebody will take his own life but that isn’t the point here. Why suffer through the whole horrible experience of years and years in prison (presumed innocent) and then, on the day before the execution, kill oneself? Rogelio, you would still take your own life and you’d account for this to God…. But I really would never ever judge anybody taking his or her life because somebody must have been truly and utterly unhappy to do so. And we are NOT to judge anybody anyhow.
    Roy, I do read sombre thoughts in your chilling message we get today and I beg you to try to keep upbeat. All those lovely and wonderful people who have placed so much hope in you, have put so much hard and difficult work into getting you OUT of prison, all the pain that was inflicted upon you and your family/friends/helpers…. this mustn’t be in vain and you must ‘resurrect’ in due course. What I cannot understand and fail to see is WHY you’d get a second death date when it has been proofed that you didn’t belong there in the first place? Surely, MORE material to get you free must have been collected in the meantime… I have no doubt that all is being done that it won’t come to your execution but the nearing of that dreaded date must play havoc with your nerves and your mind.
    Stay sane, stay strong, stay ‘healthy’ in body, mind, heart and soul – we pray for you every day and night.
    Love, big hug

  3. Norma Says:

    Roy, that you understand how this man felt just shows your empathy… I know that you have an unbelievable strength, and that you have faith… and I know that you look forward to a chance at happiness. Keep writing through your emotions. We that know and love you will continue with you on this rollercoaster ride… Praying for you, loving you, and hoping to see you soon…

  4. Gord Says:

    I am sure most of the employees of TDCJ don’t enjoy executions

  5. Françoise Says:

    They still have not been able to extinguish this spark in your mind, Roy. Take care of it, cherish it, as we would so much like to be able to do for you. Remember : we are so many who think of you, pray with and for you, love you!
    Un caro abbraccio,

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